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...But unfortunately, Kaysar might be. Oh dear. Oh dear. Yes, I jumped for joy when Janie won the Power of Veto, but sadly, that bitch Danielle put Kaysar up for eviction in her place. Due to James' alliance with Danielle and because she is now the "new Maggie" where the the float herd is concerned, It looks like Kaysar very well might be the one evicted on Thursday night, which by the way, is his 26th birthday. In regards to tonight's show, oh wait, before I start on my usual rant, what up with Will and shaving his body like one of those cats with no hair? I'm all for a guy who likes to "maintain," but shaving your pits? That just ain't right.

Alright, so I can barely watch the way the way the people at Big Brother are editing the show this year. The story editors this season are doing a horrible job of realistically portraying what is going on in the house. Case in point: 1) James gets strategy information from S6 (who trusts him) and then feeds it back directly to Danielle. They never show that on television. Instead of showing us how James is constantly betraying his alliance (which lets not forget, is much more than just Janelle) they show him crying on the phone to his girlfriend. Puhlease. Let me take out my tiny violin and smash it into pieces! 2) Portraying Danielle as a freakin' saint. AGH! That is probably the most frustrating thing out of it all. First off, that bitch cried 45 minutes into solitary confinement because she was so pissed Janelle won the veto, NOT 15 hours into it as the show made it look like. Also, when she was in solitary confinement, she was not constantly working out and acting like freakin' rocky like BB made it appear. She was mostly crying or staring into space. I'm sorry for being so harsh, but this woman is no better of a person than she was in BB3, even though BB is trying to make you believe otherwise. Please lock her up again so the people with live feeds don't have to hear her damn mouth running all the time.

3) Making Marcellas out to be a victim on Tuesday night's show. They made it seem like everyone was picking on him and trying to blame taking all the prizes on him. Well, I don't care why Will & Boogie did that. Marcellas turned on Janelle last week over Diane of all people and has been saying evil, evil things behind her back. He is no victim. I adored this guy and was so excited for him to be on All Stars, sadly, I've witnessed that he is really just a petty, mean, mean, guy. And lastly, enough with the whole Will and Janelle showmance angle. It aint happening. Yes, they flirt, but Will says over and over about how much he loves his girlfriend (For Love or Money's Erin Brody) and Janelle has some boyfriend who is rumored to be some big football player. They are both worried their significant others are going to break up with them for how the show is portraying them. Plus, unlike last season, BB has totally bailed on featuring Kaysar and Janelle's friendship, which so many BB6 fans loved to see. Well, since BB probably wont show it, I certainly will. Check out a sweet moment with Janelle and Kaysar as they were all somber, talking about how Kaysar probably is leaving on Thursday (thank you capgirl2).

Good Lord. They need to give me a freakin' job on that damn show I can show you what's really going down. In the meantime, fingers are crossed for Kaysar, but damn, it's gonna be a long shot. Aside from that letdown, things are going to get good this week on the show. Let's put it this way, ghosts of the past have now entered the Big Brother house.

Here's a little preview thanks to The Real Deal:


Anonymous the_one_and_only said...

Personally I love Dani so we will just have to agree to disagree on that LOL! I wasn't a Nerd Herd Fan last year but I did not get caught up in the hype over the SOVs either. I am sad to see Kay leave (he's gorgeous!)but BB is not Kaysar's game. He got voted out last year around the same time, and it was the endurance comp that was his undoing yet again. I love your website and the commentary on BB, even though me may not see eye to on certain housguest. Keep up the good work!!

7:53 PM, August 09, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JAMES Is soooo sexy!!! Gawd, I would work him over!!

10:04 PM, August 12, 2006  

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