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Although Angelina Jolie has the ability to help thousands of children in Africa, it appears she still does not have it in her heart to forgive her father John Voight for more-or-less calling her a nut job on national television back in 2002. Page Six is reporting that Angelina & Brad Pitt were planning on attending a birthday party for actor pal Scott Caan recently, but decided against entering the party when they found out Angie's father was in attendance. Instead, Angie and Brad allegedly sat in their car for a half an hour waiting for Voight to leave, avoiding what most likely would have been a very uncomfortable encounter. I can just imagine Angie & Brad sitting in their car, twiddling their thumbs while Brad is thinking to himself, "how the hell did I end up 2 for 2 with wacky bitches that have parent issues?" Pitt, probably sick and tired of Angie's "daddy dilemma" reportedly ended up having to go inside to the party by himself to wish Caan a happy birthday. Voight is said to have taken off from the party soon after Pitt's arrival, allowing Angie to release her white knuckle death grip from the car's steering wheel and sneak into the party through the back door. Oh thank heavens!
Source: Page Six


Blogger d mumsie said...

Like John Voilt isn't a nice man.. and hey if he hurt my mother, made my mother cry and me cry and betrayed my secrets and scorned my love to make a buck, have his freedom, he'd be on my list of good-bye forever buds too. She knows something we don't .. probably put out a false secret and he revealed it test.. and proved himself unworthy. She has kids now and doesn't want them hurt or exploited by the old cheating fart.

10:52 PM, August 25, 2006  
Blogger get in mah belly said...

what did he do TW? i REALly want to know just cuz my dad and i are on the rocks too, sad to say

1:01 AM, August 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn though, TW....that is some funny stuff!!

(I can just imagine Angie & Brad sitting in their car, twiddling their thumbs while Brad is thinking to himself, "how the hell did I end up 2 for 2 with wacky bitches that have parent issues?")

9:49 AM, August 26, 2006  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...

GIMB: He essentially called her a nut job on national television after she split with BillyBob and adopted Maddox in 2002. Probably not something you want said about you when you are adopting kids. You can read all about it,6115,333476_7%7C6465%7C%7C0_0_,00.html

As much as I joke, you really can't blame her.

Anon 9:49- awww you shouldn't have! thank you. :)

10:02 AM, August 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She needs to get over herself.

2:30 AM, August 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She really is a nut case. Guess father knows best.

5:20 AM, August 27, 2006  
Anonymous amy said...

Regardless of the fighting between them, she needs to grow up and learn to be able to go into the same room as someone she doesnt like. If I avoided every place just because of people I don't like, I'd never leave my home. You can be in the same room and not have contact, I'm sure there were more than 5 people there. Not like she would have had to sit next to him and make small talk. She is such a "do gooder" and wants everyone to think she is so wonderful and mature by saving the world and she can't even do something as simple as being in the same room as someone she doesn't like? Ridiculous. I know the story behind the feud, she has a right to be mad but shouldn't act like a 2 year old.

8:21 AM, August 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally we have an insight of what this nutbag is really about. Finally she shows her true color. All her do gooding stuff is a phony.

5:25 PM, August 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like she'd rather be stuck in a room with Jennifer Aniston than Jon Voigt!

I don't blame her, some arguments are beyond repair. Even with close relatives. At the time, she was still trying to adopt so those comments may have been a problem. I think she's probably a little bit wild, and in time we're going to see how much "unconventional" this supposedly conventional family can handle.

5:29 PM, August 27, 2006  
Blogger Mal said...

I agree with AMY 110%.

But don't worry about poor ol'Brad. He's bang'n the hottest babes in Hollyweird while the rest of us just dream about Jennifer & Angelina.

Jolie has some major issues. I really question how long that relationship will last. Poor ol' Brad...

6:33 PM, August 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

angie knows that daddy knows who and what she REALLY is...she's nothing but a phony and I cant believe so many celebs and fans are falling for her games....suckers!

9:03 AM, August 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

he's the only dad she will ever have... and she is going to regret that she stopped talking to him after he's gone...
she needs to get over herself and just let it go... he is still her father

2:22 PM, August 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard he molested her as a child so I don't blame her for not wanting to be around him. Plus, you know he would come over to her and make a scene.

2:54 PM, August 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you sure it's the dad not the brother?????

3:56 PM, August 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She was having sex with her brother and her dad knows about it. Thats why he said she's mentally ill and need help.

3:58 PM, August 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do feel sorry for her with all the speculation... the down side of fame.

6:51 PM, August 28, 2006  
Anonymous amy said...

I don't understand how you can feel sorry for her. All she had to do was act like an adult and go inside the dang party. She didn't have to talk to him at all, just be mature enough not to ruin someone else's night by playing the 2 year old throwing a fit because "he's there and I don't want to be there if he's there" bullshit. Just because she's in the same room does not mean she has to have a realtionship...oh wait, maybe thats the part she doesnt get being that she's slept with all her co-stars.

4:41 AM, August 29, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:07 PM, August 29, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nope, daddy v molested her when she was quite young and that is why she doesn't want him around her children. he is a sick pedophile and the only reason he wants to be around her now is b/c she is someone more famous than him. He needs her more than she needs him.

5:01 PM, August 29, 2006  
Anonymous Shut-up said...

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO< cAN YOU IMAGE HER GOING IN AND HIM WALKING UP TO HER AND TRYING TO TALK TO HER AFTER ALL THIS YEARS. When is he going to get it. She want's nothing to do with him and he keeps crying to the press and paps. Tellme how would you react if someone you don't want to talk to and see try to walk up to you and talk yo at a party and about 100 people are watching and taping your every move. IMO She did the classy thing and stayed in the car until he left. She did not have him kick out of the party. She did not want to be around him and creat a scene by ignoring him when and if he tried to talk to her. Could tou image the spectale that would create in the press. He needs to keep HIS mouth shut and stop talking about her and how he want to see his grandkids. Where the hel was he when she adopted M and Z. His such a phony!!!!!!!!!

5:38 PM, August 29, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, everyone likes to imply that Voight is a weirdo, but let's remember some of the headlines. Angie has done things that raise a few eyebrows. I think she's probably a good mom but still, celebs fight with their parents and we don't know who's really to blame. (Although Aniston's mom writing that book was a little sleazy.)

5:45 PM, August 29, 2006  
Blogger Shut-Up said...

At least Angie choose to ignoire him and he refuse to go away. Imagine if all that shit he said about her when she was trying to adopt, got her in trouble and she ended up losing Maddox because of him. How do you think she would be doing now, and that was when he was still in her life. CUT HIM OFF LIKE A DEAD PILE OF UNWANTED MEAT. Good for you Angie.

5:54 PM, August 29, 2006  
Blogger Kea Renee said...

I agree, Amy. These 'celebs' act like children/teenagers. They can't even talk out their problems with the person who offends them.

10:58 PM, August 29, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems kinda phony, how she is all into world peace and all that shit when she can't even reconcile with her own father. Obvioulsy he want a relationship with her. Come on, her parents had to put up with all of her wierd shit while she was growing up you think she would fell obligated to return the favor!

4:23 PM, August 31, 2006  

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