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Hey Big Brother fans! Hope you all got to check out last night's premiere where the Big Brother All*Stars were revealed. In a "surprising twist" and after claims that the 15 million viewer votes were just too damn close, they allowed 8 picks (four women, four men) instead of the original 6 to be selected by the viewers to enter the house, so now there are 14 contestants. I was bad and read a spoiler on who the final guests were on DListed a couple days ago, but nonetheless, it was an exciting show. The Big Brother All*Star players are as follows:

Viewer Picks (male): Hurricane Howie, Kaysar (YES!), James and Jase.
Viewer Picks (female): Janelle (whoohoo!), Ericka (eh), Nakomis (meh.), Diane (huh??)
BB Picks: Doc Will (still hot), Danielle (ack!), Marcellas (whoopie!), Allison (puke!), Mike Boogey (oh dear) and Chicken George (aww.)

Considering all my favorites made it into the house, I'm pleased. I do think with the exception of Janelle, they could have picked better women to be in the house (no Monica? Allison & Diane over Ivette?) I'm sure Ivette didn't make it in because they couldn't have the whole cast of season 6 in there. I am already annoyed with Allison and that Mike Boogey (who still dresses like a punk ass with those sweat bands & pseudo basketball gear) is on my shit list for targeting my Kaysar and talking smack about him the minute he walked into the house. Danielle must go simply for the fact that she is still a bitch and because Marcellas wants her ass out and Diane, Diane I really have no idea how she made it into the house, by viewer votes no less! For the first time ever I subscribed to the Big Brother feed and I am already loving it. I fear that I may never leave my home or computer now for 3 months, but I will worry about that and put a distress call out if/when the time comes. I'm not sure how recaps are going to be done yet since it's on three times a week and it can end up being a lot of work. I'm sure the more addicted I get, the more recaps you will see. I'll also throw in some fun info from the live feeds occasionally, but I wont spoil any of the competitions (veto, HOH, etc.)

As of now, everyone is getting along well. I feel bad for Chicken George because he is such a good man, but he's still struggling to be part of the gang. I'm afraid he will be slaughtered & fried by the new generation of BB players. Danielle wont shut the hell up and all she ever talks about is past seasons of Big Brother or other reality shows. Janelle and Marcellas seem to be bonding and forming a somewhat secret friendship. Mike and Will have nicknamed Howie "peanut" because of the way he wears his hat sideways and as they explained, "peanut was the guy in school everyone liked but there was always something a little wrong with him." Kaysar is still hot and amazing as he was last summer and I have to admit that I think he has stolen my loyalty away from Evil Dr. Will. I am worried about how things are between Janelle and Kaysar. They haven't been spending a lot of time together (could be a way not to be targeted), but there just seems to be a chill in the air between them. Last night she snapped at him when they were baking wheat thins in the kitchen. Who knows, maybe there is some tension after she decided she didn't like Kaysar's pal Michael anymore. Oh dear, I will keep an eye on those two for sure.

Oh! And one slight change for the game this year. Two people win HOH each week and live in the HOH bedroom together. If they don't agree on who to nominate, the HOH's both go up for eviction! It's kind of another twist on the "backdoor" strategy if you think about it. This week, Janelle & Jase won HOH and Alison and Danielle are up for eviction. If either bitch goes, I'm happy! Plus, I love how Evil Dr. Will said he was "offended" that he was not nominated, you gotta love that!
Here we go folks...enjoy your Big Brother summer!


Blogger jizzy said...

Danielle was a real idiot for trying to stir things up so early. 30 minutes into the first show, we already have plotting and alliances and back-stabbing! And is this the first reality show where an alliance is actually named after a previous season? I loved hearing lines like "We gotta get rid of the Season 6 alliance!" Haha!

I found the opening episode to be a bit weak overall. Ya, I know they packed it full with the houseguest votes, getting everyone back in there, the HOH twist, the HOH competition, as well as the eviction nominations - plus even some drama and conniving. But the tension seems all jumbled and there are just too many players right now (and since we know all of them already, there isn't a lot of freshness to it). Still, BB usually takes a week or two to get up to full speed so I'm hoping for a killer season.

Kaysar looks like he's keeping a low-profile. Janelle is fun, but if she aligns with a different crowd this time, that may be trouble. Marcellas was shocked America didn't vote him back in because he says he's "America's favorite gay black sweetheart" (ugh!). Nakomis is still an outsider - she needs to make friends if she's gonna survive. Erika and Diane - who cares? I liked seeing Chicken George fall down on the wet tarp during the HOH competition and flop around like a big pig in slop. I personally think he looks more like a pig than a chicken. OINK! Boogie and Will still make me ill. Hey, that rhymes!

So Kaysar and Janelle are already snapping at each other while baking Wheat Thins? Aren't Wheat Thins already baked?

8:44 PM, July 07, 2006  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...


I love your commentary! FYI: After watching the feed way too obsessively, I can report that all is fine with Janelle, Howie & Kaysar. Janey & Kaysar had a long secret strategy talk over chess tonight...they are as strong as ever, oh yes. Love it.

8:58 PM, July 07, 2006  
Anonymous kristi said...

I could do w/o Dr. Will though. He's jealous of Kaysar. Their ego's are crashing big time.

This will be good. I feel myself being mad a lot this season.

Let the games begin!

9:02 PM, July 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Britney Spears gets over 100 comments and my beloved BB only 3...i'm insulted.

Come On PeePs!

2:39 PM, July 09, 2006  
Blogger Kristi said...

I agree 2:39PM! I can't believe they teased us by making us wait 5 days for a new episode.

6:55 PM, July 09, 2006  

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