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Oh! Oh!!! I am weeping right now! I have just come across the funniest f'ing thing on TMZ's website. I know everyone hates stories on Paris Hilton, but this one was too good not to talk about. TMZ reporter Harvey Levin does a guerilla style interview when he runs into Paris Hilton and her lawyer Elliot Mintz. Levin proceeds to ask Paris her thoughts about the mean things written about her on TMZ message boards and actually quotes to her some of the messages such as, "Paris is just an oversized human condom," "Paris is like a fart in a mitten. You know it's there, you can't stand it, but you can't get rid of it," and "Would you please drop over dead or commit suicide you damn slut." Yes, he said this to her face and she responds. I am just amazed that he actually did this and although I enjoyed this video tremendously, it's like, WTF Harvey?? Oh this is beautiful. Please watch the video here.
Source: TMZ


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Tabloid Whore, you are the finest gossip mistress in all the land! Poor, poor Paris -- but so much fun for the rest of us!

Can't wait to take 5 and watch THIS little video. Should be a laff factory! : )

2:31 PM, July 20, 2006  
Anonymous LissInAlaska said...

LMAO! She is as fake as she is slutty. She blames the negative media attention on the video that her ex released, bullcrap, she brings the majority of the negativity onto herself. To think that she brought her sister into the conversation, as well. What I read about Niki Hilton is nearly always in a positive light. AND...she says that she is not nearly as promiscuous as her friends...I wonder how they feel about her saying that. If she cares so much about what people think of her, she would do something about it.

2:36 PM, July 20, 2006  
Anonymous peace pipe said...

yeah, i when she said that (about not being as promiscuous as her friends) i thought to myself, "which friends are you referring to?? your "friends" from sex addicts anonymous?"

i wouldn't hate paris hilton so much if she wasn't so blatantly full of herself.

8:44 PM, July 20, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is very hurt by the mean things people say because She is so sweet and innocent and kind to fuzzy animals. YEH RIGHT! I mean she was eating it up when Brandon Davis was ripping apart her supposed friend Lindsay Lohan. Looks like she can dish it but she can't take it. I am so tired of her I wish she would just disappear already (and take Britney with her)

9:20 PM, July 20, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatevs!! See her rep or whoever that dude was pulling her aside before the interview telling her something, probably telling her what to say since obviously she'll go and say something STUPID like comparing herself to Princess Di!! Shes NOTHING like her!!

3:02 AM, July 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would have loved to be there in person to hear him ask her all of hese questions. Paris isn't hurt by anything she's to self absorbed and to convinced she's perfect.
Plus we all know Paris is far to unintelligent and cannot read!

6:29 AM, July 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whore should wear underpants.

7:50 AM, July 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do feel kinda sorry for her but on the other hand its like people need to wake up!!! Its like when u become famous whatever image u cultivate is the image ur gonna b stuck with - END OF STORY!!! She decided to portray herself as this fun loving party girl - so thats what people are gonna see her has. MUD STICKS PARIS!!!

10:29 AM, July 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I alone here? I don't really get the human condom thing.

11:09 AM, July 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hair looks really fake. Like a fake tan. Fakey-fake.

5:57 PM, July 21, 2006  
Anonymous pp said...

hint: condoms frequently adorn penises and that is their sole purpose.

9:46 PM, July 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hint: condoms also protect from pregnancy and sometimes std's. does paris? i would argue that she promotes them.

8:44 PM, July 22, 2006  
Blogger Hazim said...

Hey.Hazim here...again.While typing this post, TW was blasting "StarsAreBlind" on her playlist. Haha....I'm joking...

Anyways,Paris can shove a metal bar up her bum for all I care. She's kinda a waste of space

11:00 PM, July 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If she had as many stuck out of her and she has had in her she would look like a porcupine

3:15 PM, July 23, 2006  
Blogger Mal said...

She's as stupid as she is slutty. But she's never met a camera she didnt like... esp that porno B&W!

5:28 PM, July 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

New show. Paris stars in a pilot for the CW. She's an intern for a sexy, dynamic congressman. It's called Slut of the Hill!

6:12 PM, July 24, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

aw i feel kinda sorry for her.. shes been a retard in the past but she did sound sincere here .. maybe thats just me but i guess it WOULD be hard to here some of that stuff

7:52 PM, July 24, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

7:52 She is not being sincere! She has been told what to say by her rep. She wwanted to say oh your just jealous but her pr said to play the sympathy card.

Meanwhile she's quite happy to be a bitch to lindsay at clubs, the othr women she went to court over- she was a right bitch to her threatening her and that, saying she was old and ugly. But she cant take what she dishes out.

Its about time she realised that not everyone likes her inflated ego, arrogance and 'me me me im the new marilyn monroe, im the new princess di' attitude

3:28 AM, July 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PEACE PIPE YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD_ i wouldn't hate paris hilton so much if she wasn't so blatantly full of herself.

If she ddint go around saying oh your just jealous of me, and carry on about how great she is i might actually think, ok she's not that pretty, not that bright but atleast she's a nice girl. But no the only signs i have ever seen of her being nice is when its scripted.

She has never heard of humility she makes me sick.


3:31 AM, July 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are plenty of women in the world who are a HELL of a lot prettier than ol' lazy eye, supermodels and such but they dont carry on like ol' lazy eye. And what about Anjelina Jolie she is beautiful but she knows the meaning of humility, and she has a kind heart unlike paris whose sole purpose in life is to get attention for herself to further inflate her ego (if thats possible!)

3:40 AM, July 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a hypocrite! What is so ridiculous about Paris Hilton is that she seems to forget how her comments hurt people. (i.e. - Zeta Graff, MK Olsen, LL, Nicole Ritchie, Misha Barton, the common man, etc.) I love how she was caught on videotape calling some common men the n-word as she walks away laughing when they politely asked her if she knew where a party was. Her widdle feelings weren't hurt then.

Her newly discovered "feelings" weren't hurt when she was laughing as hard as could be when that disgusting fat tub o' lard waste of space Brandon Davis chose to use the media to showcase his one and only brain cell to form the phrase "Lindsay Lohan is a firecrotch." Yeah... now the public is supposed to feel sorry for her that her feelings are hurt? I don't think so dummy!

She's an icon all right... an icon of wasted excess, spoiled behavior, cruelness to people who are less fortunate financially and whenever the mood strikes her, and having an on/off RETARDED FAKE BABY VOICE. At least her younger sister learned from her idiocy and remains consistent in using an adult voice, and refraining from making racist comments in front of video cameras! How can Paris even think that she doesn't deserve what people have written about her? Maybe she should have thought a bit about her future in the public eye before she decided to repeatedly act in a manner that is discussed in the posts (sex tape aside).

Speaking of the sextape scandal, I love how she was so meek when it came out, like "I'm a victim." I figured it would only take a few weeks after that until she begins to act like the pompous jerk that she is. Sure enough, a few weeks later, her meekness morphed back to her true dispostion: a mean, snotty little spoiled brat with a disdain for all things she perceived were beneath her!

It's sad that are so many talented people out there who will never get a chance to be discovered, entertain fans and do it with class and respect for the public. It's sad because idiots like Paris Hilton take up that space by buying it instead. She's got talent all right... talent for singing like the drunken regular at the local watering hole, and being an uberbitch to anyone she didn't grow up with or uses to benefit her "career." I think I'm not alone in saying that I wish she would just climb on some oily-man's yacht and sail away from everyone's sight. Can someone say OVEREXPOSURE when we didn't want exposure from her anyway.

My daddy's rich. Maybe I should ask him and mommy if they will come to the clubs with me and pimp me out like Paris' parents so I can start career being famous for shaking my teenage ass. Where was child protective services during Ma and Pa pimpton's sideshows anyway? Blech!

4:20 AM, July 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Notice when ol' fart mitten starts crocodile tears they put the light on which eggs her on even more with the sad face, haha how funny its so fake

5:10 AM, July 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cant believe she dumped her friends in it, its got nothing to do with them, and her sister!!!! Fart mitten no wonder you got no friends left. Bout time you got it back after ALL THE CRAP YOU'VE SAID ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE!!!

7:34 AM, July 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL... what a waste of internet space. Saying publically that her friends are far more whorish than she... Yes indeed, Paris.. you have class.. all 4th.

3:12 PM, July 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fart mitten lol suits her doesnt it!

2:20 AM, July 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad that someone notice how her voice changes from a 14 year old loillpop licking girl to a darker tone.

2:25 PM, August 01, 2006  

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