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Oh this is some hot, juicy trash The National Enquirer has going on here and I must say, they have been breaking hella stories since David Perel took over again as editor for the paper a few months ago, I love it! So, some of you may have heard a couple days back about Christie Brinkley and her husband Peter Cook, 47, calling it quits after 10 years of marriage. Yah, yah, I didn't really give a rats ass about Christie Brinkley and her break up until I read NE's exclusive scoop and now I am so all over this dirty trash! Well, The National Enquirer is claiming that the reasons behind the break up are because Christie, 52, caught her husband having an affair...with a teenager! Ouch! They say that her husband Peter met this chick named Diana Bianchi, who was 18 at the time and working in a toystore no less, when he decided to hire her as his personal assistant. Ok, anytime someone hires a stranger off the street for a job, you know trouble is gonna happen sooner or later. It sounds like the two started an affair and when the girl's step dad caught wind of it, he confronted Peter (who at the time was by Christie's side at an event) and according to the Enquirer said, "If I were not worried about getting my pension, you'd be a dead man." He added, "Stop dating my daughter." The next day, Christie threw Peter out of the house.

When The Enquirer contacted Christie's husband about this story, he did not deny the affair and just said, "I am happy to reply that I love my wife, I love my children, I have never stopped loving and caring for them, and we are still a family." What is with all these pervy older men going after these young chicks? And even worse, what up with all these young girls screwing much older dudes? Don't even get me started on James Woods and his new child girlfriend. Ugh! Christie is still a hot bitch and this is just terrible. I hope she doesn't take this creep who seems to have a wandering eye for the teenage flesh back in her home anytime soon. PIG!
Read The National Enquirer's complete story about Christie Brinkley's cheating husband HERE.


Blogger d mumsie said...

She's miffed cause even the pool guy runs at the sight of her.

12:23 PM, July 15, 2006  
Blogger SSR said...

Wow, juicy stuff! fantastic. Come visit the blog whenever you want, just click on the blog name.

3:10 PM, July 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know what's weird... the Hamptons has a very inny vibe. How could he think between her friends (or the stepfather), that something wouldn't leak. heh

And C.B. seems to marry guys who don't live off her money. Careers, all wealthy dudes.

3:39 PM, July 15, 2006  
Blogger Syd said...

Wonder why she can't keep a man? Has she learned nothing over the years about choosing wisely? This is what... husband #5?

5:38 PM, July 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's marriage #4 for the big Brink. But remember, her first hubby was a race car driver, who I believe died. And they were married for about 10 years. Then Billy (Crash My Car) Joel, then Ricky Taubman.

This architect seemed pretty solid. Sure didn't expect this marriage to hit the skids.

7:10 PM, July 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:37 PM, July 15, 2006  
Blogger Mal said...

I've been in love with Christie before she hit it big with the S.I. swimsuit issue. Heck, my wife teases my that I watch that lame ass infomercial she does for the gym equipment with old man Chuck Norris!

She might be 52, but she still is one hot MILF! And I'd love to be her pool boy for one afternoon!

9:47 PM, July 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm kinda glad that he is cheating because I was thinking that Christie has some sort of major problem keeping least she has a good reason to dump #4. Geez, maybe she should swear off marriage all together!

10:30 AM, July 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Four is a lot of marriages. But I kind of admire Christie for trying to marry and create a traditional home for her kids.

She was with each guy for quite a few years. The first one (?), wasn't that her great love. The race car driver.

Billy Joel had to be the biggest cause of that divorce! Look at the young girls he dates. The constant DUI problems and the most recent marriage of HIS, to a girl as young as his daughter.

Now Peter Cook just so happened to hire a girl from a toy store to be his assistant! Christie is still beautiful and with her newest contract from Cover Girl, that's proof she's still a name to bank on.

She needs to quit marrying until a decent guy comes along!

10:45 AM, July 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is great! Pure kharma payback for her whoring around and cheating on Billy Joel years ago!

How come the analysis by the chick that calls him a "pig" in the article doesn't see it as her previous actions coming home to roost!!? Looks like it's time that Christie schedule another ski vacation.....

9:05 AM, July 17, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ditto on the karma for cheating on Billy Joel with Taubman! BTW, I don't think she was married to the race car driver who died. She was just dating him. Her first husband was a French artist - it was when she was very young and living in Paris starting out as a model. As soon as she made it really big, she dumped him. She should never have left Billy Joel. She almost died in the Heli-skiing accident where she was caught with Taubman and now this mess!

I'm wondering what kind of LOSER this Peter Cook is to cheat on his gorgeous and rich wife - and then the 19 year old assistant goes on TV and talks about it??? It's all very, VERY tacky. Hard to believe that this is the first time Cook has done this. It's probably just the first time he's gotten caught! The whole thing smacks of "sexual addiction", the Bill Clinton disease.

7:44 AM, July 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love having sexual relationships with smoking hot 19-year-olds. Nice job Mr. Cook.

8:23 AM, July 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like mid-life crisis gone bad. Poor guy didnt realize what he had when he had it. What did he think he could do with a 19 year old given that he is probably as old if not older than her step father. Men are stupid. I dont even think they think with the little brain. It's no brain at all.

1:42 PM, July 18, 2006  
Blogger P1tey1 said...

Don't get mad Christie.....get EVERYTHING!!!!

I wonder if he thinks it was worth it now?

That little girl should know that what comes around, goes around. She will be older one day and the same thing will happen to her. I know from experience!

2:59 PM, July 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not a 52 year old bag Vs 18 hot chick?? no contest take the young model! the old cars has had it! right on dude!!

6:14 PM, July 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, what an amazing and novel turn of events. A totally talentless, unknown accepts a Nissan Maxima, cash, introductions to the musical powers that be and illicit sex from an older, stupid married man. Then when the meal ticket gets cancelled and the whole thing goes public, our misled waif suddenly realizes that she is somehow a victim, that she has been "traumatized" by having her "career" advanced! I'm sorry, but our legal system has tuned totally topsy-turvy. I think it would be a true miscarriage of justice to give this greedy, manipulative, pariah who is feasting on the misery of others a single cent. That goes for the "client" he represents as well! I think that the legal system should tell Diana Bianchi to put her lawsuit in one of the several orifices that Peter Cooke explored during her flirtation with the fast life. She knew the rules of the game before she spread her legs, lips cheeks or whatever for Peter Cooke's amusement. Naive, my ass! Just another pathetic excuse for a human being looking to hit the jackpot and capitalize on misery. Gee, do you really think all this publicity might help the ridiculous cd, book, movie deal or whatever that she will be announcing very soon? Somebody help me out here. I forget. What's that word for women who accept items of value to have sex with men????? Of course, I think her pathetic attorney is one too!

6:46 PM, July 19, 2006  
Blogger Andrew said...

Wow, that's an amazing story. Your readers might also be interested in an article entitled The Affair-Proof Marriage.

2:43 PM, July 26, 2006  

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