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"Grrrr! You're a bitch Tori Spelling Shanian Spelling McDermott!"


Tori Spelling, or should I say "the new Mrs. Dean McDermott," better not run into her old pal Shannen Doherty in a dark alley anytime soon. Shannen is p-i-ssed off at Tori because after she politely turned down Tori's invitation to be a guest on her SoNoTORIous tv show, an episode was shot featuring Tori's memories of Shannen during the 90210 years and shall we say, ahem, did not portray Shannen in the best light. I saw the episode and thought it was funny & harmless, but Shannen has the right to feel hurt since she was the butt of the joke. In a recent interview Shannen said:

"Tori sent me a tape of the pilot and a very, very, very small note asking me to do the show, promising that she would never say a bad word about me ever, and we used to be best friends, and still care about each other.""I was on a self-imposed hiatus. I needed time to myself and I said no. I don't know if it was something taken personally or maybe it was 'If we make fun of her, it will bring in the ratings and the publicity.' It did hurt. I hope it helped her. If mentioning my name made people write about it, then great. Good for you. I get it. It's a business."

Who knows, maybe Tori didn't think Shannen would be such a stick in the mudd considering all Tori does on SoNoTORIous is make fun of herself. Like I said, I saw the episode and it basically consisted of Tori's flashback of "90210 Shannen" having a scary monster voice and demanding Tori go to the craft services table with her. Tori has always maintained that the episode was done all in good fun. Oh Shannen dear, no you tons and I can't wait to watch your new show on Oxygen, "Breaking up With Shannen Doherty!" Plus, I sooo want to know how she finally fixed her lopsided eyes!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tori is also good about making light of her own flaws -- and she even covered the plastic surgery "controversy" if I remember. Didn't watch the show, just read bits and pieces about it.

SD wasn't in the mood to go down that road but it happened anyway. So that's a burned bridge there...

10:56 PM, June 05, 2006  
Anonymous amy said...

That sounds funny, the only thing I remember about her being portrayed in NoTORIous is when they were in the sex store and her friend goes 'OMG There's Shannen Doherty" and she spent the rest of the time on the floor of the store.
And what?? She fixed her lopsided eyes?? No way!

1:13 AM, June 06, 2006  
Anonymous Amber said...

Okay then...Shannen getting angry at Tori like that is kind of like Paris saying that Nicole used her name for publicity...

Ego trip? Yes?

1:35 AM, June 06, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Shannen is the one who needs the publicity...not Tori. I'm not big fun of either one but the one who went on a "self-imposed" hiatus went on hiatus bec no one wants to work with her!


10:19 AM, June 06, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shannen shouldn't be acussed a bitch wen all she does is act. tori shouldn't be making fun of her and tht's tht. I bet if people were actually nice to her then they get a better impression. Shannen I love you don't listen to all those haters.

8:15 AM, July 31, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well im both fans of SD and TS cause I watch 90210!!!! I agree with neither. They should work out there differences rightaway and become friends soon!!!! So maybe you should both stop acting like Bitches!!!!!!!!

9:22 AM, September 06, 2006  

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