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Sorry peeps, today I'm in a "ranty" mood!
Reese Witherspoon has filed a lawsuit against Star Magazine for saying that she is pregnant. Guess the magazine had one too many "look at her pooch she must be pregnant!" stories and Witherspoon apparently had enough. She is claiming Star "invaded her privacy" by publishing a false story claiming she was pregnant in an effort gain magazine sales. The lawsuit states, "Contrary to the fabricated Cover Story, the true facts are that (Reese) is not pregnant, does not have a 'baby bump' and has not otherwise gained weight such that she has had to resort to wearing 'empire-waist dresses', 'baggy clothing,' or an 'old-fashioned 1920s bathing suit'." According to Reuters, Witherspoon, "sought unspecified general and punitive damages in the lawsuit, which asserts that she is not pregnant and that the story hurt her reputation it implied that she was dishonest with the producers." Yah, like she really has to worry about her reputation for getting parts. Please. Isn't she the highest paid actress out there? I mean, stop the world. Like there is nothing worse going on right now Reese, get over it.
Hundreds of women around the United States who have pooches and aren't pregnant are stopped and asked the humiliating question, "when is the baby due?" every single day. So yours just happens to be splashed across the front of a magazine ... you make a lot of money, ignore it. Hey, I like the girl. I see all her movies. But seriously, I'm not in a mood today where after seeing what's going on outside the "Hollywood Bubble" I can even find a bit of support for someone who already has two children, but files a lawsuit because she doesn't like that a "tabloid" of all things says she's pregnant. Just tell your little movie producers or whoever the truth, show 'em your belly if you have to, I am sure they will believe you. Star is a tabloid after all, I would think producers would know that. It's not like it's Newsweek making the claim. Maybe if Star said she had a terminal disease or something I could understand, but otherwise, get over it lady. Anyway, Mike Kahane, General Counsel to American MediaStar Magazine has released the following statement regarding the lawsuit filed by Reese Witherspoon:
"It is a frivolous lawsuit. It has no legal merit and we intend to vigorously defend it and have every confidence that we will prevail."
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

good one, TW. I agree

5:56 PM, June 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously, she is trying to make a point. She is the most outspoken actress out there about the paprazzi going overboard to get the perfect shot. She's so sick of being followed, judged and lied about so she has taken matters into her own hands. I think she is brave for standing up to these annoying, rude people. I say "you go Reese, kick some razzi ass"!!!

8:58 PM, June 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geez, I think she is a little upset about Ryan having a boyfriend. Oh yeah, I forgot she is *okay* with that.

11:30 PM, June 22, 2006  

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