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Once again Paris Hilton proved what a dumb idiot she is by hitting a parked car and then taking off without leaving a note for the owner. TMZ (someone give these guys a freakin' medal!) captured the stupid hit and run bitch on video as she backed up in her car, smacked another one, stopped for a few moments, didn't even get out to check if there was damage and then took off. You can totally see the damage done to both her car and the one she hit on the video. I can understand that it must be a real pain in the ass to try and back out and drive when you have the 'razzi's on your ass like whore Hilton does, but that is no excuse to not take responsibility for hitting this car. It's obvious she was well aware that she hit another vehicle, but yet, does nothing about it. Does she think the paparazzi is going to pay for the damage? Give me a break! I'm sure everyone reading this had a day where they walked up to their car and discovering some jackass hit it without leaving a note and we all know how horrible that is. This story comes out just days after it was reported that whenever Paris goes over to Matt Leinart's apartment to play checkers (aka: probably give him a blow job), she allegedly parks in the handicapped spot. Oh but remember, as Paris always likes to remind everyone, "she's a nice girl."
Watch Paris Hilton hitting a parked car HERE at TMZ.
Source/Photo: TMZ

UPDATE: Paris's rep Elliot Mintz released the following bullshit ridiculous statement regarding the hit and run. This guy is always covering her sorry does he look at himself in the mirror every day?

"Did she commit a crime? No," Elliot Mintz said.
"She was swarmed by paparazzi," he said. "The intensity of the lights, flashbulbs, momentarily disoriented her. She backed up, there was a minor fender-bender. No injuries. She then told me she notified one of the parking people at the facility how to contact her and asked the person to please pass that along" to the owner of the struck car. (I smell bullshit!)" She did the correct thing and she would not leave the scene of a crime," he said. Mintz said Hilton is insured. "Paris is a very responsible and a very good driver. ... She takes her driving seriously," (um, not according to TMZ) Mintz said. "This was unfortunate ... it will be handled appropriately."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is such stupid bitch.

12:00 PM, June 09, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Then she drove through the stop sign! She'll never change her behavior because she's never held accountable for it!

12:44 PM, June 09, 2006  
Anonymous Golden_Oceanid said...

If she wasn't so damn busy admiring herself in the rearview and trying to look "sexy" for the 'razzi she wouldn't have hit that car! Jeeeezus what a stupid bitch!

2:34 AM, June 10, 2006  

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