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" Oh my God! Like, Madonna's so cool! We're like totally best friends now! Meryl Streep likes me too!"

"I'm MADONNA dumbasses! Who the f*&k is Lindsay Lohan?"

Oh please don't let this be true! I don't want to lose any respect for my girl Madonna. In Touch "we look like we make up stories" Weekly is claiming that Madonna has picked a new starlet to try and make into her mini-me ever since Britney Spears bailed on studying the Kabbalah in favor of motherhood. Sources say Madonna and trainwreck Lindsay Lohan have now become close and she is trying to enlighten the troubled teen to the ways of the Kabbalah. Oh dear. Madonna is also said to be giving Lohan professional tips for her singing career and the new bff are planning to do a duet together. Oh loves, it doesn't stop there! The magazine reports Lohan wants to make a movie with Madonna and the pair are planning a "spiritual journey" to the Holy Land when Madonna finishes up with her tour. Ok, that was a good one. It also sounds eerily similar to what happened between Madonna & Britney when they became friends (minus the trip to the Holy Land). Giving Madge the benefit of the doubt, I'm going to say she doesn't even know who the hell Lindsay Lohan is and would laugh at the idea of this. Although, seeing those leotards girlfriend has been sporting of late, I will say her judgment seems to be a bit impaired. But planning a trip to the Holy Land with Lindsay Lohan? Give me a break! That in itself is sacrilegious!

Source: The Scoop


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever...she f'in wishes.

2:01 PM, June 15, 2006  

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