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I am usually not one to support fist fights, but this one sounds too damn hot not to get a little excited over. It's being reported that delicious actor Josh Duhamel and dirty hot rocker Tommy Lee got into a scuffle the other night at Bella in Hollywood. Apparently Janice Dickenson has some weekly party at the place and both Duhamel and Lee were there hanging out. Spies told the New York Daily News that the guys got into a pushing match possibly because Duhamel was "pounding on the door of the bathroom" when all Lee was trying to was drain the dragon in peace. It's also rumored that Lee clocked Duhamel in the face and people overheard Fergie's (Duhamel's girlfriend) name come up during the fight. Maybe being pissed after Duhamel allegedly pounded on the bathroom door, Lee made a crack to him about preferring to pee in the toilet instead of his pants like Fergie does. No matter what the truth actually is, something must have gone down because although Lee's rep denies that his client punched Duhamel, he confirmed that "Duhamel was asked to leave the restaurant and Tommy remained and finished his dinner." Ahhh, how I would have loved to witness these two completely opposite types of hot looking men messing it up together. So nice.
No worries for Tommy because it looks like this little alleged scuffle with Duhamel had no affect whatsoever on his "game" with the ladies. This morning MK over at the fabulous popbytes was witness to Lee doing what popbytes has coined a "drop-off of shame" in a parking garage with two blonde hotties. Hmmm...I wonder what went on last night in Tommyland? Check out his first hand account here. Damn, you gotta love living in L.A.


Anonymous ts said...

This is most definately the most fun visual I've had in a long time. Thanks TW.

11:20 PM, June 29, 2006  
Anonymous K said...

Duhamel is definately one of those guys I like to think of as midwest wholesome... The illusiond is so much better then reality.


6:56 PM, June 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Duhamel's gotten in fistfights on the set of his tv show before, so he's definitely got a temper problem.

7:12 PM, June 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Josh got in one fist fight because Eric Dane freaked out because Josh's character was supposed to punch him, and Eric really reacted like a maniac. It was a matter of Eric being a little jealous. he was up for the role Josh got, and they had him guest star on the show, but he had to go nuts.

Oh and sorry, Tommy Lee convicted of spousal abuse and went to jail for it. I also saw his true colors on Punk'd when he was in a car that supposedly hit a young girl. Instead of worrying about, her, he got out and yelling like a maniac.

I am sure nutcase druggie Tommy is more to blame here.

11:45 PM, July 02, 2006  

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