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So who watched Big Brother 7 All Stars last night? Did you vote for your favorite on the CBS website? There are so many choices of who I'd like to make the final 12 houseguests, but here is a little tease with my top 6 picks (and yes, I am aware I heavily favored season 6). Out of the people who made the top 20, who would you like to see back in the house? My boy MK over at popbytes is as addicted to BB as I am, so make sure to click on over to popbytes and check out his top 6 picks too! Go on! Cast your vote!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

With CBS picking 6, I'm sure some of your picks are shoe-ins. Will definitely, probably Kaysar and Marcellas. I think Alison is a shoe-in and maybe Diane. I'm gonna try to figure out who they will pick and from the remainder vote for the lesser of the evils to try to keep freaks like Cowboy and his sister and Dana off the show. I can't wait to see Will again!

11:09 AM, June 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your top 6 is my top 6!

12:41 PM, June 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My top 6...OK. Knowing that it has to be 3 boys and 3 gals i choose:


Alison (just to watch them eat her alive)
Ivette (to watch her and Alison mix it up)

12:45 PM, June 22, 2006  
Blogger jizzy said...

The only thing better than a new Big Brother episode is to come here to TW for the great recaps! Keep it up, babe. Here we go again!

Remember when voting, give ample attention to the underdogs! Those are the ones that really need the extra votes. People like Monica may get left behind and that's not fair - she started the whole 'temper screaming' stuff way back in season 2! And we all love that stuff, right?

Too bad they couldn't get Shannon back from season 2 - you remember, the tootbrush in the toilet! Maybe she declined. Oh well.

My pic for 6 are:

...and (don't kill me) - Jase

Jase is a total idiot and narcissist, but his annoying personality should be good for the show. Howie and Marcellas are also cool, but I'm sure the producers will make sure we get some of the bad apples in there instead of all nice people. A few of the girls are interchangeable as far as I'm concerned. I hope Ivette doesn't get back in - I don't know if I can handle any more of her whining.

It will be interesting to see if some of the people we liked on earlier years end up being real a**holes this go round. You never know!

5:59 PM, June 22, 2006  
Blogger Chanel said...

Why Marcellas and Bunky? Uhh, no to both of them, thanks.

11:52 PM, June 26, 2006  

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