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Do we really care that rapper DMX was arrested on Saturday during a flight from New York to London after he refused to put his seat belt on and then became abusive? How ridiculous that he could get arrested for not putting on the seat belt (although I'm sure him becoming abusive had more to do with it) and 2) how stupid of him to make a big deal and not put the damn thing on. We have enough jittery people on planes these days without DMX starting up shit just cuz he's a big baby who doesn't want to listen to the flight attendant's orders. Buckle the damn seat belt already and stop making a scene! They should have just let it go and hope the plane hit some turbulence so his ass would fly all over the place and hopefully land on the floor looking like a fool. In the end, DMX got off with a caution (a person has accepted responsibility for the offense, and a record will be made) and that's that. Whoopee.
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Blogger Hazim said...

Hey. Hazim here...again. I thought DMX was gonna quit music for good, so this is what he's up to now? Trynna act all gangsta n tuff bout his last flop of a record, being a big baby on planes, and designing clothes for rottweilers. If I were the pilot, I'd strap him into a parachute and push him outta the plane.

9:28 PM, May 15, 2006  

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