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So how many people watched the finale of The Surreal Life last night and witnessed Tawny Kitaen's total and complete breakdown where she looked like she finally lost her mind? That chick is so wacked and not even wacked in the way that's enjoyable. The woman is horrifying and uncomfortable to watch but you can't stop doing it, even if it's only with one eye peeking through the hands covering your face. You can imagine my glee when someone sent me this fabulous video from YouTube of Tawny moments (thank you!) called Here I Go Kitaen (Surreal Life 6 re-mix). It's just the thing you need to get you laughing on a Monday morning. Enjoy! ps: click the video link above if the YouTube image below isn't showing up on your screen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only clip missing from this montage is the shot of Tawney making naked passionate dirty love through a glass wall to the immunosuppressed "bubble boy" in the film "Crystal Heart".

10:19 AM, May 15, 2006  
Blogger Pandaface said...

this is great! Is it true that she snuck coke into the house.. maybe the reason behind her whole nose pain in one episode?

11:34 AM, May 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if it wasn't coke, she was definitely on something heavy,
her castmates were edging away from her while she totally

good call anon, i couldn't find
any clips from crystal heart that
weren't on soft core paysites lol... i think she was on an ep
of seinfeld too...

11:47 AM, May 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I happened to watch an episode of The Surreal Life, and frankly, you are not too far off the mark calling Tawney Kitaen crazy. I treat those with mental illness, especially those with a dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse. It does not take an expert to observe that Ms. Kitaen is under the influence of some substance that at times causes her speech to slur. I thought that several of the other celebrities on the show , commenting that her behavior was crazy, or not quite right--- were pretty insightful. If Tawney Kitaen were a client of mine, I would diagnose her as having borderline personality disorder. Although those with this diagnosis are not psychotic, they are typically much harder to treat .They are still ill but they can function and are still in touch with reality. Often , those diagnosed with borderline personality disorder have had distant or abusive maternal relationships, significant trauma or sexual abuse as a child. This disorder manifests itself as an extreme form of self -centered or attention seeking behavior. The borderline learned a long time ago that bad behavior received attention in a childhood where they received no attention at all, (certainly never any reinforcement for positive acts) so this becomes ingrained in their personality. Those who associate with a borderline will sense that there is something wrong-- dislike being around this person-- but because mental illness is often characterized by psychosis or depression, personality disorders are not as easy to spot. Some examples of those with extreme forms of personality disorders are those who self mutilate--"cutters" or any other form of self injury. Often , in extreme cases, borderline clients also threaten suicide, over and over and over. They basically blackmail family and those in the health care system--do what I want or I will cut my self, kill myself etc. Another characteristic common to borderlines is "illness" --either physical or mental--which neatly appears so that the borderline can avoid consequences or when they feel the spot light has been shifted elsewhere. Hopefully someone will tell Tawney that there is no pill that will cure her. She needs a lot of intensive therapy. For those interested in reading more , find excellent info: Thanks, E

7:20 PM, May 17, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if she was on blow she wouldnt have eaten everything in sight. I think she cushed an Oxy Contin and snorted it. She is a nut and should be put to sleep.

11:51 AM, May 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Surreal Life (at least the past two) is a show that I have a love/hate relationship with. I can't believe that I watch it but would never miss an episode! This season was especially interesting because of Tawny. I swear I had no idea who she was yet she struts like she is this huge celebrity. Her 15 minutes of fame expired in the 80's! Anywho - doing some surfing for juicy info on the crazy girl I found an interview with Blender where she talks about her arrest for beating up her former husband. Interesting read, but it aggrevated me even more hearing how self centered and psycho she is.


10:02 AM, May 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh MY!
In the article she actually refers to her children as being "great cockblockers" that keep her ex from dating.
There's is something so blatent and elemental in her neediness that it is almost endearing- ALMOST.
Thanks for the video.
The quote hand gesture she makes as she utters the word sorry
is truly the funniest thing I've seen in long time.
Not even Bette Davis could have played this role better.
Encore Encore

10:14 AM, June 24, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Her looks sure have changed over the years..
There was a rumour at one time she was related to Raquel welch, but I think that has something to do with Chris Kaetan (saturday night live).
I think she may have got used a bit..
I think she at one time had much attention, and now less attention.
She's ok...not crazy.

8:07 PM, September 16, 2006  

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