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Damn that Paula! Hours after Chris Daughtry was eliminated from American Idol after Paula cursed him by saying, "see ya in the finals," she and her loose lips are at it again. In an interview with Teen People the night of Wednesday's eliminations, Paula says that she now wants Elliot Yamin to be our next American Idol. Yes, a lot of us may also want sweet Elliot to win now, but Paula should have learned that she needs to keep her lips zipped about picking a winner. She told Teen People, "I am going to be honest with you, I want Elliott to win. I feel like I changed the face of the competition by making America wake up and see the talent that Elliott possesses." Oh yes Paula, you changed it. The fact that Elliot was praised by Simon from day one, now has a decent hairstyle, is deaf in one ear and wears an insulin pump for his diabetes but still has the ability to sing amazingly has nothing to do with it either. Girlfriend just needs to stick to drinking her diet coke, dancing in her chair and crying about Simon. Zip it, Zippy Longstocking!!
Source: Teen People


Blogger Mal said...

Paula makes me sick! She'd be a f'n washed up nothing if not for this show. What she needs to be shocked back to reality is a nice salty "money shot" in the eye!! Has she said ANYTHING all season that was really noteworthy?

"You look great. You made the song your own. blah blah blah..."

What a dumbass bitch!!!

But, man, I'd like to bang her!

8:24 AM, May 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE TAYLOR! anyone that can't see this guy's major talent is blond and stupid!! to call him "a goofball" is just wrong,tabloid whore! i mean, look at you..alot of people may call you a goofball for doing this blog!!

3:20 PM, May 18, 2006  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...

Ha. Whatever. I AM a goofball and the first to say it. not to mention, frickin' proud of it. I never said Taylor wasn't talented, I like the guy, but he is a major goofball. Aside from the fact that you didn't even make your comment under the correct post where I did call him a goofball, you need to read a little more carefully before you claim that I said he wasn't a major talent. I'm just over his deal, doesn't mean he isn't good. So calm down already and dial your phone for him next week honey.

4:26 PM, May 18, 2006  

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