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CaCee "it's pronounced Casey not Cock-ee!" Cobb, Jessica Simpson's famous for doing nothing but being a fetch bitch personal assistant, has decided to quit her job and move on to greener pastures. According to US Weekly, CaCee, Jessica and pals (aka Ken Paves) had a goodbye dinner at Arnie Morton's steakhouse this past Sunday where they were all weepy and shit. Damn, lets hope CaCee finally realized there is more out there in the job world than picking up your best friend's underwear and making manicure appointments for her. US Claims that things became weird after CaCee, who is still close with Jessica's ex Nick Lachey (and sometimes rumored smoochy partner), was starting to feel the heat to "pick a side" with the couple. I know we bash Denise Richards for going off with her husband's best friend and that really is a forever no-no in the rule book of girls, but hot damn...if I were Cock-ee, I mean, CaCee, and had a chance with Lachey, I might not be so loyal to Jessica's stinky ass. I say go for it Ms. CaCee, we will give you a free pass on that one. Despite the fact that the girls are always referred to as "childhood friends," W magazine says that is not the case. In the interview they did with Jessica a few months back, W said that CaCee and Jessica have not known each other forever, but that they only got to know each other a couple or so years ago when she was working at Sony and then became Jessica's assistant. I'm not saying that's why she should now go after Nick, I just thought it was an interesting tidbit to share.
Source: US Weekly


Blogger ishouldbereading said...

Yeah, I read somewhere that she was at Sony in some capacity and then was assigned the JS job. It's pretty lame for J's people (Ahem, her dad) to feel the need to sell her as her best, childhood friend. I mean, does that make people buy more albums? By the way, do any of her songs play on the radio? I have yet to hear a SINGLE one. Am I crazy?

10:33 AM, May 11, 2006  

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