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"By golly, I've got it...mention Paris and my career will skyrocket!"

Good morning and happy Tuesday to everyone! Things are incredibly slow and boring in gossipland today and as you can see, I'm really scraping at the bottom of the shit pond by doing a story on my two least favorite people in Hollywood, that whore Paris Hilton and crackpot Lindsay Lohan. Seems like these two bitches got into it at some club L.A. called Hyde recently when Lindsay walked up to whore Hilton's table and whore Hilton got pissed cuz she felt Lindsay was interrupting her conversation and they exchanged nasty words or whatever. Plus, Lindsay should have known better because we all know whore Hilton does not like to be disturbed when her mouth is open. TMZ is reporting that whore Hilton might be pissed at Lindsay because she mentioned her while doing promotion for "Just My Luck," and whore Hilton does not want anyone using her name to "further her career." Yes, you read that correctly. I'm no fan of Lohan's, but I can safely say that the girl does not need help from whore Hilton to further her career. It's laughable how whore Hilton does not even realize that unless you are a paparazzi or a store owner who kisses her ass, she is basically the laughing stock of the entertainment business. Enough talk of these two dirty bitches, they should just keep to doing their blow and shut the hell up. Ugh! Now I feel the need to shower!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imagine how embarrassed Whore Hilton's parents muct be. No comment of Lohan's parents...(giggle)

11:36 AM, May 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well looking at that headline, I guess we'll never be able to speak again.

1:38 PM, May 18, 2006  

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