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An incredible night photo from Michael Lavine

What up kids. David Blaine has now made it more than halfway through his latest endurance stunt! People are going crazy for this thing. Since I've been covering it, Tabloid Whore has had its highest traffic to date and it's really cool to see so many people have an interest in what he's doing. Friday night I had a lovely Cinco de Mayo with friends that included a long talk about David with a really cool pal of mine who is also a magician. Fascinating. Obviously, since this friend is a magician, the contents of our conversation must be kept strictly confidential. I will tell you this little funny thing though...Knowing how much I love magic and my David Blaine, my friend was a little concerned and wanted to make sure that I never, ever give my money away to scam artist psychics or people who claim to see the dead and stuff like that (I do love that John Edwards!). It was cute and made me chuckle, but don't worry folks, as enthusiastic as I am about David & all those mystical, magical things, there is no way I would give away my money when I could be using it towards a new pair of True Religion or Citizen jeans. You may be like me and enjoy David Blaine and his illusions and stunts, or you may be the complete opposite and for some unknown reason, try to tear the guy down every chance you get. The way I see it, the world doesn't really have a lot of happiness or joy in it at the moment, so let people like me enjoy my man David and have our fun. It's not hurting anyone.

Here are the latest cool David Blaine pix I wanted to share with you. In the first picture, you will see me with David's hand up against my face on the glass. We are having a tender moment together. Ok, that's not really me! I just loved the photo and the fact that he can be as intense under water as he is out of the water! Hubba, hubba, hubba! The second shot shows the tattoo he has on his back and the third with all his breathing gear. You can check out more of these cool shots at MetroPlus. On day 5, David's spokesperson said that the doctors overseeing this stunt are becoming concerned because in addition to his hands causing him constant, intense pain, David is beginning to grow weak. Doctors plan on working with him throughout the weekend to stabilize both his diet and his training regimen. He is keeping his spirits up and determined to see this through. Hopefully I will have an update on his health soon. We are now only 2 days away from the ABC special, David Blaine: Drowned Alive. Hang in there my friend!


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