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Oh I am sooooo excited! Jamie Kennedy is my favorite comedian and I loved his show The Jamie Kennedy Experiment more than words can describe. He is the ideal guy...dorky hot and funny as shit. Not to mention, his book WannaBe: A Hollywood Experiment was one of the funniest things I've ever read. If the dude was single, I would be forced to hunt him down and make him my boyfriend. I was so bummed when JKX basically vanished off of television, but now, my Jamie is back in my life again. Tuesday night his new show Jamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up will premiere 10:30pm on MTV. It's a reality show that follows Jamie and his buddy Stu on their quest to get a record deal to make a rap record. If you followed JKX and his character of Malibu rapper Brad "B-Rad" Gluckman, you know that Jamie's got a little bit of rapping talent (well, at least enough to get us laughing our asses off). This new show is not based on the character from JKX, It's based on Jamie and Stu and their adventures together trying to make it into the music biz. Cameras follow them as they have meetings with people like Russel Simmons, Method Man and the one and only papa Joe Simpson. You can watch a trailer on Jamie's website and please, please, check out the show when it premieres tomorrow night. If only Kevin Federline could be this good....


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