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Bianca Nardi, 28, a former producer on The Maury Povich Show has filed a $100 million sexual harassment lawsuit against Maury and other members of the shows staff claiming all this crazy stuff like they "barraged her with sexual remarks and made her watch porno movies and expose her body," while working on the show. Hello? You work on the Maury Povich show, you don't think you're gonna be exposed to a little porn?! It's called "guest research honey! She also claims that Maury and another staff member named Donna Benner Ingber were having relations and that she was forced to do all of this woman's work because Ingbar would never get in trouble cuz she was doing Maury. Court papers also say that "through the nearly six years of her employment, Paul Faulhaber, executive producer of "The Maury Povich Show, 'ordered her to wear short skirts, low-cut blouses and push-up bras.'" Ok, so maybe the lady had to wear that gear when she was ordered to go undercover to bars to try and nail cheating husbands for the show, that actually sounds kinda fun. Plus, I've saved the kicker for last...her lawyers have said that she has been in psychiatric treatment because of the harassment and that she gained 40 to 50 pounds because of the workplace stress. God Bless America!
Huh. She put up with all of that for 6 years while working on the show but she never decided to leave before now? Nardi claims she endured this alleged behavior because she feared losing her job. Agh! I am so tired of that old excuse! If this shit was really going down at the Maury Povich show (of all places), you would be outta there after the second or third time something happened and contacting a lawyer. You don't wait till 6 years into the job to do something. Give me a break! A spokesperson for NBC Universal says that a full investigation of her allegations was conducted an it was concluded that her claims had no merit. Lastly, I do hope this woman is full of shit because it would break my little heart to think that Maury cheated on darling Connie Chung! Can you imagine? Who's your babies daddy? Who's your babies daddy?
Source: AP -read more about the lawsuit here!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give it to her with both barrels T.W.! SHE'S LOOKING FOR A PAYDAY!
And I'm not to sold on Charlie Sheens Ex either, she knew what she was getting into before she married him, and she did it anyway.
You put your hand in a snakes mouth
don't get mad when it bites you.

11:30 AM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The papers at Smoking Gun made it clear that Sheen had rehabilitated prior to their marriage and only waited until the honeymoon to bring out a bottle of prescription xanax. Then a bookie and gambling were a regular part of the scene. So no, when they married he had cleaned up his act -- as much as he could. I think she really tried to make a go of it, thinking this guy had worked out his problems. Heidi Fleiss, hookers, the whole thing.

If she did steal someone's husband, how very uncool... but I'm of a mind that a husband can't be stolen. The marriage is already sliding off the cliff. But hey, if it's causing Heather Locklear pain, who can't sympathize with that.

10:40 PM, May 02, 2006  

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