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eergh..Lindsay Lohan is my daughter!

Lindsay Lohan's mom Dina is gross. This little blurb appeared today in Page Six's column:

Uptown at G-Spa in the Gansevoort Hotel, Lindsay Lohan's mom-ager, Dina, flexed her perceived power in the powder room. A partier was waiting in the ladies' room for 15 minutes to use the only working stall when she noticed there were two women in it. When she asked them to hurry up, Dina Lohan opened the door and asked for the woman's name, our source says. When the woman asked why her name was relevant, Dina went on a tirade about how everything was relevant and that she could fire anyone she saw fit. She then threatened to fire the bathroom attendant for not stopping the disruption. A few minutes later, Dina must have reconsidered, as she gave the attendant a wad of cash and said, "Lindsay Lohan is my daughter. I'll be at P.M. next week if you want to come by and say hello." A rep for Dina disputed the story and said she did not threaten to fire anyone.

Oh my God, what a frickin' douchbag! That woman makes me ill. First off, she needs to stop acting like she is the celebrity in her family, because she is not. She's just a pathetic woman with a really, really bad bottle tan and bleached straw hair who apparently likes to live in the limelight of her daughter. What the F is she doing going to clubs anyway? She has young children at home that she should be raising and looking after, grow the hell up. Secondly, she needs to stop sharing bathroom stalls with other woman in clubs as some might interpret that as a sign of them doing blow on the toilet seat together. But of course, it could just be the simple explanation that Dina needs help wiping herself or something. I don't know about you, but I have never shared a bathroom stall with a girlfriend. But, I also don't do coke. Or need help wiping myself. How about that, "I'll be at P.M. next week if you want to come by and say hello??" If I was that attendant, I would have told her to shove that hello up her ass. Chances are slim that TW and Dina will ever end up in the same public bathroom, but if we do...God help her and her stall hogging. I bet the bitch didn't even wash her hands.
Source: Page Six


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