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Make sure to pick up your Sunday paper folks to read the Parade interview with Tom Cruise. Things are getting creepier and creepier as the days pass. Dotson Rader, the gentleman who did the interview with Cruise said that Kate Holmes accompanied Cruise on the interview and was "dazed, passive and vacant." He also said that as she sat quietly alongside Cruise, he was stunned at how she never stopped smiling, even while Tom spoke of the abuse he suffered from his father. Granted, it's very likely this interviewer could have stretched the truth a bit and taken advantage of the opportunity with Cruise and put this creepy story out there so his article would receive more coverage. I know I am all over this interview come Sunday. But damn, I really hope Kate's not a robot now.
Source: IMDB


Anonymous Anonymous said...

She looks like a robot most of the time these days. I totally believe it.

2:01 PM, April 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe he should have checked her back to see if her wind up key was
turning, she problably just needed a quick spin.

2:13 PM, April 07, 2006  
Blogger Gamera said...

Maybe they have her all drugged up with tranquilizers....

3:10 PM, April 07, 2006  
Anonymous MizLiz said...

Tom takes her everywhere so he can keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't talk out of turn. Notice in every single picture of the two of them, he's grabbing her by the arm or holding her hand. Touchy-feely. I'd say this is very scary, and I really fear for her sanity. I don't think she knew what she was getting into until it was too late. I sure hope the money's worth it.

4:16 PM, April 07, 2006  
Anonymous Tina said...

Tom Cruise is a sad, strange little man and you're right...thier entire relationship seems to get creepier by the day.

6:41 PM, April 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the rest of the article was very objective, so I have to assume that the part about Katie was, too. They do get weirder by the day, including the fact that his sister and her 3 kids live with them! Katie is completely tangled up in that web. That poor, poor girl...

6:00 AM, April 10, 2006  

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