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Here we go again, it's time for another American Idol wrap up. The kids did songs of the 21st century, which in my opinion is a lot more fun to watch than some of the horrible themes AI picks. The only downside to being current is that they risk sounding very karaoke, but what can you do? I thought over all it was a pretty good show. Here we go...

Lisa Tucker: "Because of You" (Kelly Clarkson)- Why, oh why do people perform hit songs from former AI contestants? Kelly is so awesome, you pretty much can't top her or even compare. It's like when people try to do Whitney Houston. Also, Lisa's voice was pretty off tonight and dare I say it? "Pitchy."

Kelly Pickler: Kelly sang some horrible country song and I hate country.

Ace Young: "Drops of Jupiter" (Train)- Aww tonight, Ace won my little heart back. Aside from the fact that I love this song and it's romantic, it's also awesome because it mentions the word "Tae Bo" in it. I really thought Ace did a fabulous job and I just don't agree with the bad criticism he got from the judges this week.

Taylor Hicks: "Trouble" This was a great song for Taylor. It's one of the first times I didn't completely feel that Michael McDonald vibe from him and that was refreshing. Also, I dug the leather jacket and haircut. Simon was absolutely wrong saying that Taylor was dressed like Clay Aiken. Offensive! Awww, but seeing George Huff in the audience put me over the edge of happiness.

Mandisa: "Wanna Praise You" I'm sorry, I didn't like her this week. She sounded like she was screaming and she hurt my ears. Paula is an idiot with her "there is a new religion and 40 million people have joined the church of Mandisa." Um, time to get some new writers, Paula.

Chris Daughtry: "What If" (Creed) oh my my my. How I LOVE loud music and the men who sing it. Delicious. Simon thought Chris went to far with the loud loud song, but I loved it. I don't want no pop shit from that man! Plus, it was pretty ridiculous how they made Ryan do that short little interview with Chris about the "Walk The Line" song and that it was a cover of LIVE's version. Ryan: "You are like obsessed with LIVE, no?" Lame. They should have addressed the controversy directly. Whatever.

Katherine McPhee: "The Voice Within" (Christina Aguilera)- egh. I love my Katherine, but add Christina to the list of singers you should never do a cover of.

Bucky Covington: Real Good Man (Tim McGraw): Ok. I just don't like country and of all the 21st century songs he had to pick country. I will admit, for some reason Bucky is the only one who can make me tolerate the music, but I much prefer his rocker side. Not to mention, he was kinda cute in that cowboy hat, shirt and boots. Made me wanna eat some beef jerky.

Paris Bennett: "Work it Out" (Beyonce): Paris sounded great as always and she even threw in the Beyonce booty shake which made me yell out, "shake it girl! shake it!" I wasn't terribly crazy about the song choice, "Bootylicious" would have been better, but she did a fab job anyway.

Elliott Yamin: "I Don't Want To Be" : When the song first started, I was frightened. But then, after I got over the initial shock of Elliot throwing in those hip hop hand moves, I learned to enjoy it. It was fun and I kinda liked seeing him get funky like that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I missed George Huff????? How'd I do that? I saw that ho Kristy Husband Stealing Swanson looking horrific.

11:26 AM, March 29, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Country rocks!

11:47 AM, March 29, 2006  
Blogger Poppy Cede said...

I shouted "STOP BOUNCING" at Elliott, and oddly he listened.

11:54 AM, March 29, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most everyone sucked tonight, ESPECIALLY the PICkLE! Puleez just boot her already. Elliott was not at his best, ooh, sorry, Paris was really bad, Lisa, yeah, normally like her but not tonight! At least Mandisa's heart was in it and she was really performing. Okay, so only Taylor and Chris were worth their salt tonight. So how about contest over and they win?

1:59 PM, March 29, 2006  
Anonymous LW said...

I completely agree with you on your review. LOVE me some Chris!! He can scream whatever song he wants...!

5:52 AM, March 30, 2006  
Anonymous darth1sbw said...

CHRIS SUCKS!!!! Am I the only one who realizes he sang a song from 1999 (on the "songs of the 21st century show")! And he blatantly uses more vibrato than a cheap choir?!

9:24 PM, April 01, 2006  

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