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If any of you are watching the new season of the The Surreal Life, you are well aware of the train wreck that is called Tawny Kitaen. Sources have told me that Tawny, contrary to how she is trying to portray herself on the show, is a total dumb ass looney tune (Oh! "allegedly" of course). Her "I have my life together now" claims on the show seem to be all an act because the National Enquirer revealed in this weeks issue that Tawny reportedly had a relapse with the blow on March 14th. Seems that she ended up in rehab days before the premiere of The Surreal Life, and experienced what they call "a life threatening cocaine overdose," according to a family insider. The NE says she was rushed from a rehab clinic in Los Angeles to UCLA hospital where the doctors ran tests and found "cocaine and a couple other drugs in her." Tawny did seem well enough to be released a few days later, where NE says that she went and stayed with her ex-husband Chuck Finley (the one she was charged with beating up in 2002). I was actually surprised when I read she had been in the hospital recently, because just a few days ago I heard her interviewed on a local Los Angeles morning show, sounding no less like the typical idiot she always comes off as.
Source: The National Enquirer 4/10/2006


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that interview too! She's getting her own show after this......ENOUGH with the damn Reality Shows already.....JEEZ!

11:59 AM, March 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my god, Tawny looks like a zombie molded from plastic. Her attitude is revolting. She is so obviously driven mad by younger women ( exhibit A: trying to keep the young Playboy model out of the Smashmouth vid), who still have their looks. Give it up Tawny, you made your living being sexy in the 80s. It's not sexy being an old plastic camera hog in the '00s. Make way for the YOUNG and beautiful. Bitch.

12:53 PM, April 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read between the "lines"

It seems that the producers of the surreal life are bending over backwards to avoid the mention of cocaine. I mean, she disappears into the bathroom and emerges with a sinus emergency. And she has been shot dabbing her nose as though averting a nose bleed in earlier episodes.
Steve Harwell's comments on her condition seemed to have been chopped up just enough to be non-specific about the "problem" he said she has.

7:13 PM, April 23, 2006  

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