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Remember the leaked Scott Stapp/Kid Rock sex tape? (Trust me, I've tried to forget it too.) One of the hoochie mama strippers that gave the boys blow jobs in their trailer is now suing Scott Stapp & the company trying to market the video. The woman in the lawsuit, only identified as "Jane Doe" from Florida, is suing him claiming "invasion of privacy" because she believed the video would remain in his private possession. BAHAHAHAHA! What a load of crap! Now Scott, Kid, boys in the band... I know I am a stripper, and even though I clearly see the video camera, I am only coming into your trailer to blow you as long as you keep it private! Dumb ass. Her lawsuit is trying to prevent sales of the video and asks for unspecified damages, claiming she is suffering from emotional distress. Um, well, yah. I'm sure she's having regrets about being a skank after Grandpa saw her on the internet blowing these two rockstars in a trailer. The lawsuit also states, "For all purposes, she is the star of the females in the video." Hmmm...does that mean she was the one sticking her finger up Kid Rock's ass or the one on her knees in front of Stapp? I am against crap videos like this being sold and all, but if you are going to be dumb enough to be filmed in the first place, tough shit! Kid Rock on the other hand is more than pleased with all the publicity. He thinks Stapp is an ass for losing the tape but also said, "I got a record coming up. Maybe I should thank him."
Source: AP
Read the complaint - Via The Smoking Gun


Anonymous Kristi said...

I should sue Scott Stapp and that stripper for causing me emotional distress after watching that trash.

3:56 PM, March 05, 2006  

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