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Nicole Richie might be a skinny as hell now, but she is still the dirty, dirty, bird people loved so much on The Simple Life. It is being reported that her behavior got a bit out of hand during a recent taping of the show's new season, where her and whore Hilton play housewives. Nicole reportedly was pushing a baby carriage down the street and approached an 11 year old boy who was playing basketball in his driveway and "in graphic terms" asked him if he thought she was attractive. What's "graphic terms" you ask? Although her offending words have not been made public, my guess it that she said something along the lines of "am I a mother you'd like to f@%k?" playing off the whole tired "MILF" thing. Anyone who ever watched The Simple Life knows Nicole's got a sewer mouth on her and hey, nothing wrong with a sewer mouth here and there, but probably not the best idea to use it with an 11 year old. The father of the boy was not pleased and in addition to complaining to the production company, refused to sign a release for the footage to air. Honestly, I can't blame the man. I think Nicole can be hilarious, but too often both her and whore Hilton were so disrespectful to the people featured on The Simple Life, it made me sick.
Source: PEOPLE


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I smell made up story to get publicity for the show and make it appear scandalous. Too frickin' obvious to me. Yawn. I am absolutely addicted to this bullshit, but I HATE it that I am. Is there anything that's not fake in this industry??

6:46 AM, March 22, 2006  

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