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Ugh! First off, I am so repulsed by Kristy Swanson & her "married with babies" lover Lloyd Eisler winning Skating With Celebrities last night. Jillian Barberie by far out skated Kristy the entire show, not to mention, she looks a hella lot better. Whatever. Kristy was so disgusting when she was crying on TV saying how the show was such a wonderful experience for her. Yah, I bet having an affair with a married man and cheating on your boyfriend was just dandy, skank ho!
Now her ex-boyfriend is speaking out to the tabloids on how he caught Kristy and Lloyd together one night in her hotel room during the filming of Skating With Celebrities. Matt Anderson, 25, told The National Enquirer that he first suspected something fishy might be going on after seeing Lloyd's hand rubbing all up on Kristy's thigh when they were all out at a comedy club. Then one night, his suspicions got the best of him and he drove 2 hours from he and Kristy's San Diego apartment to the hotel she was staying at in Beverly Hills during filming. As he was trying to get into Kristy's room, he could hear the sliding glass door opening inside and so he ran outside only to catch punk ass Lloyd jumping off Kristy's balcony in his skivvies. Ha. Way to face it like a man, Lloyd. Jumping off the balcony?! Pussy! Matt said Kristy was on the balcony in her nightgown, throwing Lloyd his clothes. When he confronted him, all Lloyd could say was, " Next time, why don't you call when you come up here?" Ass. Those two cheaters make me wanna spit! I'm glad that crappy show is over so I don't have to look at their dirty mugs anymore!
Source: The National Enquirer.


Blogger HughE2030 said...

She's a pig, and that outfit she wore last night was too revealing for a cow as thick as she is. He's a louse. I noticed in the flashbacks, he was wearing his wedding ring in the earlier shots.
I think they should have given it to Gillian; the girl rocks and was determined even with her broken ribs.

9:02 AM, March 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVED that show and will miss it. While I did think the two of them were inappropriate when they weren't skating, I loved their skating. I also loved Jillian and I'm a big fan of hers, but I think maybe Kristy won because she improved so much during the show, whereas Jillian started off skating really well. She had some sort of skating career in Canada in the past, apparently. If Jillian hadn't said on GDL that she only really dates black guys, I'd think her and John were also a couple. Very sexy stuff that pairs skating. I can see how this kind of thing would happen.

9:52 AM, March 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This might have bothered me more had I not known in advance she was gonna win. Michael K (Dlisted)posted a spoiler many weeks back that was 100% correct.

11:26 AM, March 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kristy Swanson is as worthless as her acting career leads you to believe. Back in the day, when she was but a little whore of 17, she hooked up with Alan Thicke of Growning Pains following a small part of the sit-com. Thicke also had a wife and two children at the time of the affair. It seems that Swanson only likes them if she can be sure that their penis has been kept warm up and to her arrival on the scene.
More on this scandal at:

2:22 PM, March 10, 2006  
Anonymous Friend of the Blade said...

..i'm a close friend of Matt Anderson. He lived with Kristy at her San Diego condo all last summer. Now, Lloyd lives there with her lol. At least Kristy's sweatshirt (the night of the skating finals) showed Matt's rock band name: Daredevil Jane. Small compensation for catching his lover w/a married man, who's wife was 8 mos. pregnant.

more on Matt's band:

9:39 AM, March 11, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matt was on Howard Stern today -- find a transcript! His is an amazing story! Matt you rock!

6:14 PM, March 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw Kristy and Lloyd on the Tara Banks show.. what a cow.. she kind of forgot to mention that she and Lloy were playing footsies while his pregnant wife stayed home with her other baby. Wonder if she realizes that last year at this time, it was his wife that was pregnant.. remember Kristy.. what goes around........ comes around

10:53 AM, October 15, 2006  

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