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Oh, It's never fun when anyone breaks up, so today I will feel bad for Kristin Cavallari because it was finally confirmed that she and her boyfriend Brody Jenner have broken up. Teen People broke the news of the split, although cited no reason for the cause of the break up. We should have seen it coming when Kristin said the following in a PEOPLE interview just a couple weeks ago:
What's a typical date for you two? "It's been hard because I've been traveling so much and we don't see each other that often. But when we do, we're really boring, we go to dinner and rent movies. Like today, we're gonna go to the Apple store. We're just really regular people, we just do normal stuff."
Oh well, sh*@ happens. Just ask Stephen. Kristin and Brody dated since September 2005. Wow, to me, it seemed like a frick'n lifetime. Gee, that's rough, her crappy TV show Get This Party Started was cancelled after only 2 episodes and now she breaks up with her hot boyfriend. I am sure she will have a new piece of ass candy by next week, so no worries for Kristin. And for those of you who actually give a crap about her, well, at least she's got this cute new PETA ad!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ugh, SO glad, it was obvious she was just using him because of his billions, but now that his parents are divorced...looks like hes no prince of malibu anymore! ha ha ha AND her crappy show was a flop!
i knew it would be. (shrug) shes just a tab whore who throws her cooch all over town you need a catchers mitt! brody should get tested......

8:53 AM, March 06, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im glad that kristin stand up for whats right doing that to animals is not right and i thouht kristins new man is hot

5:37 PM, March 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kristins so don't talk sh!t....just jealous she can get guys like that.

2:11 PM, March 24, 2006  

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