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Boo hoo. Today gossip is really slow. The most exciting thing to happen in the past 24 hours was that I saw Eddie Van Halen and a kid who I assume was his son Wolfgang at the Apple store. Forget that I was sitting at the Genius Bar for 2 hours trying to get my laptop fixed- egh! First off, I had no idea that kid Wolfgang was like 15 now and just picture his mom Valerie Bertinelli with about 50 more pounds on her and that's what he looks like. It was cute to see them together. Pretty exciting for an otherwise dull evening. Thank God I got home in time to watch "24" which actually was quite disturbing in itself. Is everyone going to die from that freakin' nerve gas? I just can't take it anymore! Big props to Sean Astin for a wonderful job. Anyway, since there's not much exciting trash going on that is worth writing about and I know y'all need your fixes, here are some TABLOID QUICKIES to stories I find boring, but you otherwise might like:
  • Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton are engaged! Those big new lips of hers must be magic! People
  • Who even knew Isaac Hayes was a Scientologist? Trey and Matt from South Park finally pissed him off when they made fun of the "religion," so he quit- PAGE SIX
  • Kate Moss was happy to snort the community coke, but she will only stick 24 karet gold up her vagina - PAGE SIX
  • Jen Aniston feels like she is stuck in a Bermuda Triangle with Brad & Angie and your pity makes her skin crawl - This is London
  • Ha. I'm not the only one who thinks Paris Hilton is a complete waste of space- Clip Blast
  • Michael Douglas thinks Brad Pitt is crazy for dumping Jen to "go hold orphans for Angelina" - NYDN
  • Early casting rumbles for the "Dallas" feature film: J Lo as Sue Ellen Ewing? Luke Wilson as Bobby Ewing? John Travolta as J.R.???, Shirley MacClaine as Miss Ellie? Some things just shouldn't be touched, let alone tried to be made into a comedy - Zap2it


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's funny coming from Michael
Douglas, having babies with a woman
young enough to be his greatgrandaughter. He needs to mind his own business.

4:41 PM, March 14, 2006  
Anonymous jpfl said...

I loved Michael's Orphan's the only time I have ever liked that man.

TW- I love your Quickies!

8:36 PM, March 14, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I avoided my favorite site for days because I hadn't seen 24..then frickin' E blurted out that Tony was killed, so I stayed up late and watched it last night..I am NOT happy. WTF, does Kieffer not want any competition? Do they want us to watch it only for the suspense/crappy unbelievable terrorist plots? I'm figuring they'll lose some of their fan base if they keep this shit up, but they're also gaining many new fans, as "everyone" is talking about this show right now because of them killing everyone, I guess they figure that makes it all good and that they will end up better off..much like American Idol did when they changed everything around last year. Just like I'm one of the ones that left AI, I will frickin' leave 24 if they kill off Curtis or Aaron, and I see that coming. They're the only ones left to care about. Chloe's as good as dead, this season or next. If I can't get attached to any character or enjoy interpersonal relationships without every single dang person ending up dead, &%%^I)_&! Sean Astin was frickin' awesome on this show. I knew he was out of there since his character screwed up, but did I have to see my favorite ever did such a painful death? And my beloved Tony??????? Whyyyyyyyy Jack???????? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy????? Okay, killing off a main character here and there, okay fine..BUT EVERYONE?????? &^%*()_+++

5:19 AM, March 16, 2006  

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