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Jessica Simpson is rumored to be up for the part of Lucy Ewing in the movie version of the hit television show Dallas and Charlene Tilton, the actress who originated the role isn't exactly thrilled with the possible choice. She thinks that Jessica is simply too old to play the part because when Tilton started on the show she had just turned 17. Instead, she thinks that Lindsay Lohan (eggh!) would be perfect for the role. No word from her on Kristin Cavalleri, the other person rumored to be trying to get the part, most likely because she (along with many others) has no idea who the hell Kristin is. Although Tilton doesn't think Simpson would be right for the part, she did have kind words for her, "Jessica is beautiful but too old. I had just turned 17 when we started filming. It's more exciting if Lucy is doing all these things... out of high school. (Lindsay Lohan) is a great choice." Uggggh...I just don't see Lohan in the role, I would much rather see Jessica. All they would have to do is not plaster her face with all that makeup and she looks years younger. Damn, I'd be more concerned about the casting of Jennifer Lopez as Sue Ellen Ewing. Oh the humanity!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, I saw her on E! saying she wanted the Olsen twins because it would take 2 girls to fill her shoes. Simpson, unfortunately, probably comes closest to being who Lucy Ewing was, as Tilton was stunning, but also could not act : )

1:16 PM, March 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

didn't these folks see Dukes of Hazard? Why would they consider hiring her????

6:23 PM, March 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree she is too old. The part is for a teenager.

1:18 AM, March 24, 2006  
Anonymous jpfl said...

Lucy was bitchy...they need someone that can turn on the bitch factor,not to mention the slut factor.

And Dallas should not be remade to begin one messes with Miss Ellie and Jock. Thats sacred.

9:18 AM, March 24, 2006  

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