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The questionable marriage of Star Jones and her hubby Al Reynolds is back in the spotlight due to Star recently taking her wedding ring off and replacing it with a band aid. Ok, well, she moved the wedding ring to the finger on her opposite hand, claiming of "infection." The National Enquirer reports that Star still denies that anything is wrong with her marriage, "I got 1,000 messages asking me if something was wrong and I said no. I told them not to worry. It's a nice thing that people are loving - I appreciate it." Ok, ok, I just realllly want to know, how do you get an infection on the very spot where your wedding ring goes? Could it be because Al really got her a ring from a bubble gum machine like when you were a kid and it turned her finger all green or something? The National Enquirer went on to say that Star and Al recently had a big bust up and Star is worried about if Al really loves her, not to mention the fact that he allegedly is always hanging with "friends" at odd hours. IMHO, I don't think Star had an infection. I could so see that chick going off and yelling at poor little Al, all curled up in the fetal position, "AL! YOU BETTER STOP GOING OUT WITH THOSE BOYS! I'M GONNA TAKE THE RING OFF! I'M GONNA TAKE THE RING OFF! THEN EVERYONE WILL BE TALKING ABOUT YOUR ASS!" ugh. Could you imagine being married to her?

Star may also be a bit on edge lately if rumors are true that the peeps at The View are secretly working on replacing her. A show insider told the National Enquirer,
"The producers are looking for someone to take over from Star who will blend in with the other co-hosts." "They want someone who will jump into the conversation with their own viewpoint but not be so combative and stubborn as Star has been over the years."
Source/Photo: The National Enquirer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe she's going through the change or preg? Ho ho ho!

1:02 PM, February 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think she's pregnant, she's lately been wearing coats or lose fitting clothing. But who knows i thought i was the only one who thought she was pregnant

2:21 PM, February 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love her and if they get rid of her and Meredith's contract is up this summer and hopefully will replace Katie Couric. They will only have obnoxious Joy and boring blonde chick (whatshername?)

I have only been married since June and my ring finger breaks out every once in a while and my rings are made of platinum. I also have a male friend who is allergic to his wedding ring and every time he wears it (it's either platinum or titanium) he breaks out and rarely wears it now.

I wish that people would leave Star and her husband alone. They seem happy and who really cares what is going on behind their closed doors?

3:37 AM, March 20, 2006  

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