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Happy marriage sweetheart! Scott Stapp, the former lead singer of the band Creed, had to put his honeymoon plans on hold (he was married this past Friday) after getting arrested on suspicion of public intoxication at LAX airport on Saturday. Stapp and his wife were about to leave for Hawaii on their honeymoon, but were stopped from boarding their flight when airline personnel thought Stapp was acting "antagonistic" and "boisterous." He was arrested and taken to the Van Nuys police station, where he immediately demanded a blood-alcohol test. Ha ha, dumbass. He registered a 0.18, which is twice the legal limit. oops! Honeymoon's over! He was eventually let out of the slammer and now has to appear for arraignment on March 8th. First off, I have no sympathy for the man. Aside from the fact that he was supposed to be working on the alchy problem after it broke up his band in 2004, if you've ever seen one episode of Airline on A&E you KNOW not to booze it up before getting on the plane. You wait until AFTER the damn plane takes off! If you are drunk before, they will not let you on. Amateur! His wife must be thrilled. Great way to start your marriage off honey.
Source: E! Online


Anonymous jpfl said...

I can't deal with him Tooooodaaaaay!

Courtesy of Whitney

(i'm on a whitney kick-sorry)

11:03 PM, February 14, 2006  

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