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In one of his first public interviews since his split with wife Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey went On Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning to talk about his new single, "What's Left of Me." Unfortunately, Ryan didn't even mention the rumors about Nick dating former Miss Kentucky Lizzie Arnold. Damn! Not surprising though, I'm sure Ryan had to agree to respect his privacy and just focus on the record to get Nick in studio. Doesn't really help enquiring minds like me though. So, instead of hearing about Nick's new girlfriend with the big boobs, he mainly talked about the new record. His upcoming yet-to-be-titled CD is set to be released mid-May and is as Nick described, "a diary of my life in the last year." Hmm. That could get interesting. After the tough year he endured, Nick said that he made a pledge to himself to "move forward and not look back." Ryan also asked Nick how he feels about his brother Drew appearing on "Dancing With the Stars" and Nick said that when he goes to the show tapings, he gets so nervous for Drew that sweat is literally dripping off of him as he sits in the audience. Oh Lord. When asked about the pilot deal he was supposed to be working on with UPN, Nick told Ryan that since the WB merged with UPN things are now up in the air with the show. Fans of Newlyweds will be happy to hear that one good thing that came out of Nick's divorce was that he finally got to get himself a big dog. We all remember the episode where Jessica and Nick went to look at puppies and Nick fell in love with the white Husky, but Jessica wanted the frou frou tiny fluffy dog. No longer having to deal with a wife who doesn't even brush her dog's fur, Nick is now the proud owner of a yellow Lab named Harlan. According to Nick, the two are living in harmony, even after Nick chipped half his front tooth off a couple days ago during an accident that happened while playing with, you guessed it, the dog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be totally honest I'm really happy for Nick.. he now gets to do what he wants in his own life and doesn't have to live in the spotlight.

8:30 PM, February 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He can do better than Lizzie I am from her home town and she is ugly and has had to many surgeries including a boob and nose job.

4:05 PM, February 08, 2006  

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