Tabloid Whore!



Mary-Kate Olsen is just so mixed up still. I give her props for trying to get her life together and get off the alleged coke or whatever and recover from the anorexia, but unlike sister Ashley, MK still freaks me out. And even though she has put on some pounds (and I do give her double props for gaining weight, thank you very much sister), you can imagine my horror when I hopped on over to the adorable Britboy in LA's blog and saw a bunch more pictures of the Olsen twins doing their Badgley Mishka ads (cute) and then horrifying ones from a recent trip to Australia to promote their new clothing line. MK, I'm just sooo not into the munchkin smile and the long, obviously fake extensions, girl! You don't need to look like that whore Paris Hilton even if she stole your boyfriend. I want the MK from "So Little Time" back! You think I'm being harsh? Go, go look for yourself! Check out all the pictures at Britboy In LA here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They look like vampires in the Badgley Mischka ads.

12:57 PM, February 25, 2006  

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