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Dirt is starting to come out regarding Heather Locklear's sudden filing for divorce from husband Richie Sambora. Looks like she allegedly came across a "suggestive" email that another woman sent to her husband. That's not all, the email allegedly included, ehem... "photos." Provocative ones. Heather and Richie were said to be working through a rough patch in their marriage when she discovered the email. Girls! We all know rule #1: If you don't want to find bad stuff, don't go-a-snoopin' in your man's things! A friend of Heather's told PEOPLE that the woman "had been a sore subject" between the couple for a while (oh, reaaally?). The friend also said that Heather never believed that her husband and this tramp had ever been romantic (so did Jen Aniston, Heather, so did Jen Aniston), but the email and photos are said to have changed her opinion and Heather is now, "devastated." It makes a lot more sense now why, during a radio interview the day Heather filed divorce papers, Richie had denied they were divorcing. Looks like he had no clue what she came across. A source close to the couple said that Richie is pissed off that this bitch sent him photos he claims he didn't even ask for and adds that nothing happened between the two. This chick isn't even cute (although they usually never are...) and she could just be some wierd groupie that he pays too much attention to (Update: Star magazine is saying she used to be their personal assistant). They have a picture of her on this weeks cover, which you can see over at popbytes. Hmmmm....something is VERY strange here. Naughty emails? Dirty photos? Call me crazy, but Heather is a smart woman, I think I'm gonna trust her instincts on this one.
UPDATE! popbytes just posted some additional Star magazine dirt on the little lady, so check it out!
Source: PEOPLE


Blogger Mo said...

oh!! she is GROSS!! good dish!!

8:04 PM, February 07, 2006  
Anonymous jpfl said...

I always trust Heather she is one smart cookie. Kick that man to the curb!

8:24 PM, February 07, 2006  
Blogger Kimberwyn said...

YUP, I knew it! And of course everyone was jumping on her case for filing divorce without telling him. Don't you love how people ALWAYS blame the woman? Well, I figured all along he was cheatin'. He's a rockstar, and he's a man, no surprise there. Trash.

12:19 AM, February 08, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good freaking grief!! Who would cheat on Heather Locklear???? Obviously Richie and Tommy Lee did. It must be their egos. What stupid men they are! Why do beautiful women get cheated on that way? Halle Berry is antoher example.

3:05 AM, February 08, 2006  
Blogger Distressed Jeans said...

That other woman looks like Linda Tripp!

9:33 AM, February 08, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh please as if he would be stupid enough to have them sent where his wife can see them. the woman probably has the hots for him and doesn't care whether or not he's married. how many rock stars have underwear thrown at them on stage? ever consider that he didn't solicit the pictures? geez. don't you think he would have had them sent on the road or something? they travel all over the world. this is so lame. i can't belive people are falling for this. heather is sure getting the sympathy she is after. no one heard anything about her. mission accomplished.


9:55 AM, February 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've known Richie Sambora for 20 years, and observed his behavior in multiple situations both on and off the road. He, and all of Bon Jovi for that matter, have always been stand up guys, and when Richie married Heather, he thought Heaven had given him his own personal Christmas.

I'm sure the eMail from Stephanie was unsolicited and a purposeful maniuplation on her part. She knew they were having problems and calculatedly injected herself into the situation. Richie probably rolled his eyes and ignored it, and when Heather found it, she realized it was her excuse for an easy out.

I'd bet whatever is going on is primarily due to Heather and her monster ego. He's a classic east coast homebody and family man. She's a public appearance loving Cali girl. My guess is she's sick of playing house and is getting restless as she realizes they're both headed for 50.

She's managed to maintain her timeless look (by whatever means) while he has aged naturally and I think it bugs her. She's always felt she was better than him anyway, and I think that feeling has finally come home to roost.

I hurt for both Richie and Ava. Heather can pound sand.

7:18 PM, March 13, 2006  
Blogger gintare said...

the person who is anonamy and none richie for twenty years and knows stephanie bongiovis email can u give it to me plz i am 11 years old and i need to speak to her
thank uu bi and i am on richie side coz heather was going out with spade for days

12:32 PM, August 06, 2006  

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