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Oh how I love Henry Rollins. He was the lead singer of Black Flag, not to mention, Rollins Band, although I am more a fan of his spoken word shows and books. I met him at a book signing once and he was just wonderfulllll. He's the type of guy who wants to learn about everything, his brain is a freakin' sponge and won't stop absorbing stuff until the day he dies. That's just Rollins. So, you can imagine my reaction when Page Six had a story about him being investigated by the Australian Government for reading Ahmed Rashid's best seller, "Jihad: The Rise of Militant Islam in Central Asia" while flying to Brisbane recently. Apparently the guy sitting next to Rollins got a bit nervous after seeing what he was reading and reported him to authorities once the flight ended. OK, maybe a selection from Oprah's Book Club would have been the safer choice to read on an airplane, but c'mon, it's Henry Rollins (and aparently the freaked out man sitting next to him had no idea.) Rollins explained the situation to Page Six:

"Days later I received an e-mail from a woman who I guess figured out who I was and found me. I had been named a 'person of interest.' Basically, they get calls like this every five minutes, and I'm probably on the 'who cares' list, in that they'll probably let me into the country again."

"But the fact that this guy could be that ignorant and call me in on this for a book . . . I was angry. Because of the fact that the guy wouldn't confront me. I like confrontation. If I've offended you, let me know. Don't call it in and not leave your name. I just think it's pretty weak."

"I do a lot of work for the USO because soldiers are my heroes," he said. "I've done six USO tours outside of America and a few hospital visits, and the soldiers are the best. I've been to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Dubai, South Korea, Honduras, Japan, Egypt and Turkey."
Source: PAGE SIX


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