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Oh dear George Michael. How I miss the days when all he used to do was put out good music like "Freedom" or "Father Figure," and the most we had to worry about was him getting arrested in a public bathroom for trying to get a blow job. Looks like George is not doing the greatest of late, as he was arrested yesterday on suspicion of possessing drugs after being found at Hyde Park slumped over the steering wheel of his car. The Sun Online is reporting that George said the arrest was "his own stupid fault as usual." That's sad. Cops gave him a breath test and allegedly found no alcohol, but allegedly found "cannabis and GHB" (aka: liquid ecstasy) when they searched him. The kicker of the whole story is that it's also reported that when cops searched the trunk of his car they found a stash of porno material, sex toys and masks. What I don't get is the mobile sex wagon. I also will never understand the whole mask fetish some people have {shudder}. Oh well, I hope GM is doing ok and that this was just a bad night and that he isn't falling off the deep end or something.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's recap. Caught being naughty in a public restroom. ... Mobile sex mobile. Sounds about right. As for the mask..well, the once beautiful George has been botoxed or something into almost nonrecognition. The mask might not be such a bad idea.

5:23 AM, February 28, 2006  
Blogger Kimberwyn said...

He should be arrested soley for clearing his songs for American Idol.

10:57 AM, February 28, 2006  

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