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All I can say is, "thank God it wasn't The Drugs." Well, illegal drugs that is. Toxicology reports are in on the death of actor Chris Penn and it's said he died from complications of a heart condition & taking cough syrup. The Los Angeles Times reports:

Investigators found that Penn died of "nonspecific cardiomyopathy" — a disease of the heart muscle that is usually fatal over time. Penn's heart was enlarged, weak and "could have given out at any time," said coroner's spokesman Craig Harvey.

But investigators also found that the effects of multiple medications were a "significant condition" contributing to Penn's death. They highlighted one prescription medication in particular — Phenergan, a commonly prescribed cough syrup that contains an antihistamine but is not typically considered dangerous in adults, according to doctors. Harvey said the cough syrup, which also has codeine in it, played a role in Penn's death, but was "not a direct cause." Penn also had other legal medications in his system, though Phenergan was the only one specifically identified by investigators Monday as a significant factor in the case. No illegal drugs were found, they said.
Yikes, if I was that doc that prescribed the cough medicine, I'd be hella worried about a lawsuit. It was also reported that Penn's cough syrup prescription was filled 3 days before his death and that only 1/4 of the bottle remained when his body was found.


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