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All Britney Spears wanted to do was go out for a darn cup of coffee. So, girlfriend put baby Sean Preston in his car seat, grabbed the ever present body guard and went over to Starbucks in Malibu. When her bodyguard went into Starbucks to get her coffee, Britney took Sean out of his car seat and held him in her lap as she waited. As usual, the paparazzi swarmed the outside of her car and she and baby Sean were trapped inside with what she calls a "physically aggressive paparazzi" outside. Fearing for the safety of her baby, Britney took off in her SUV with Sean on her lap the minute her bodyguard came back to the car.
Whew. This is a tough one. I love my Britney and I can understand her being scared and all...but why didn't she just hand the baby to her bodyguard to hold? Yikes. must admit, it's still not HALF as bad as Michael Jackson swinging his baby out that hotel window. Federline must be thrilled. This doozy is sure to take some of the pressure off of his ass for a while.

Britney released the following statement regarding her baby joy ride:
"Today I had a horrifying, frightful encounter with the paparazzi while I was with my baby. Because of a recent incident when I was trapped in my car without my baby by a throng of paparazzi, I was terrified that this time the physically aggressive paparazzi would put both me and my baby in danger. I instinctively took measures to get my baby and me out of harm's way, but the paparazzi continued to stalk us, and took photos of us which were sold to the media. I love my child and would do anything to protect him."
Source: PEOPLE
Just added from TMZ:
TMZ has learned that the LA County Department of Chidren and Family Services (DCFS) has contacted the LA County Sheriff's Department, inquiring about Britney driving with her baby on her lap without proper child restraint.
TMZ contacted DCFS and an official would not say if the matter was under investigation


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I sure hope she breeds more.

10:45 AM, February 07, 2006  
Anonymous Julie said...

She was scared for herself and her baby, yet was not concerned that the chasing photographers could cause her to crash her vehicle (remember Diana?) and baby Sean would be crushed between her and an airbag. Makes no sense. Bodygaurd sucks too. Didn't look like he was protecting s__t by using the cell phone!

12:08 PM, February 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good, drive with Baby on your lap, no seat belt, while fleeing the paparazzi. How about, give Baby to Bodyguard to put in his carseat? She should be brought up on charges.

12:57 PM, February 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, she doesn't look all that "horrified" if you ask me. Seems like her usual uneducated hick from the sticks behavior to me.

2:09 PM, February 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only does she not look horrified and her bodyguard not look too busy, uh, bodyguarding to put the baby in the car seat, but if she was scared of an "aggressive" paparrazi, why is her car window OPEN?

12:26 PM, February 08, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brittany country a*s was driving like she does at home. She was not scared and she's using the pap to cover herself up. She need some parenting classes for her shank behind. I know she love her baby but unless she get some help her baby is not gonna make it to adult hood.

12:31 PM, February 08, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeez, she is a young mother, she made a mistake, no one got hurt, and she will learn from it. I think we all just need to move on with our lives already.

1:20 PM, February 08, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least you see her with the baby!! Not a nana hand in toe...

5:08 AM, February 09, 2006  

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