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Access Hollywood caught up with Britney Spears and hubby Kevin Federline last night at a Grammy party and asked her what she thought about everyone freaking out that she drove 2 miles in her SUV with baby Sean Preston on her lap. When reporter Tony Potts asked Britney, "How are you guys responding to all the hub bub over what happened the other day with Sean Preston?" Britney responded, "It is what it is, it's the press. I mean, there is nothing new with them, with me." It's kind of like I made a mistake and so it is what is, I guess. Being put in the situation that I was in, it was kind of bad with the paparazzi," she explained. "Last week, my mom and me went out and they were on us really bad, so it's just, you do instinctively what you need to do." Now Britney, you know you're my girl and all, but next time, call the cops instead.

On a lighter note, Britney said she designed the dress she wore to the Grammy after parties (photo above.) She looks really good, so anyone calling her fat should just stop it. But, in regards to her designing...I like the black, flowy train in the back, but otherwise, the dress is so short you can almost see her nether regions! I'm sooo not into that suuuper short mini look. Pull it down just a smidge and it would be perfect.

Source: Access Hollywood


Blogger Hazim said...

Hey. Hazim here.
Hey, the dress doesn't look that bad. Grammy night was surprsing with madge wearing a leotard again and Mary J and U2's awesome performance. I still don't get how Kelly Clarkson beat out Fiona Apple though. Whatever. Just as long as Jessica Simpson never gets nominated, the GRammys still have credibility.

6:19 PM, February 09, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kelly's awesome, Hazim, and much more mainstream than FA. I loves me some Britney, but I don't think she has good fashion or decorating sense. I think folks need to get over the baby thing already and leave my girl alone.

5:48 AM, February 10, 2006  
Anonymous jpfl said...

Okay....I love TW's comment about Britney's "nether regions'.

And I heard on the radio that when Brit when out with some girlfriends for dinner, Kev Fed called ahead and told the restaurant to NOT give Brit dessert.

Sounds obsurd....but this is Kev we are talking about.

10:36 PM, February 12, 2006  
Anonymous Crees_dahl said...

Okay I hate to be the buzz-kill (I know how you all love her) and yes the dress is okay and all. But lets not forget that just 3 or 4 years ago this woman had top designers (Versace) throwing their
couture dresses at her and beggin her to wear them for FREE.

Fast forward to present date and your telling me she designed that? I am sorry but I am pretty sure I saw that dress at Sears as part of their 2005 prom collection.

Yep...Britney is well on her way to a comeback (to a double wide trailer)

7:17 PM, February 17, 2006  
Blogger Tabloid Whore! said...

crees_dahl: I am ashamed that your comment made me laugh out loud. What kind of Britney fan am I?

9:48 PM, February 17, 2006  

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