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Hide the freakin' Cheetos! Britney Spears very well may be trying to get pregnant again! Star magazine is claiming that Britney and husband Kevin Federline think a baby #2 might be just what they need to strengthen their marriage! Hey, why not? Britney giving birth to baby #1 turned Kevin into a real stand up daddy, no? He stopped going to clubs, he stopped smoking the weed and instead, put on an apron and became Britney's house bitch, right? In a perfect world, maybe. But just ask Kevin's baby mama #1, Shar Jackson, the world of Federline isn't close to being perfect, "Kiddo." Nevertheless, according to Star, a source close to Britney says, "It sounds crazy, but Sean is what's held this marriage together, so the thinking is that one more baby can only strengthen the union. Britney and Kevin have been discussing getting pregnant again. He gets off on the idea of having a tribe of Federlines." The thought of Britney getting pregnant with another one of Federline's spawn allegedly is freaking out her family and friends, because they believe this is Kevin's way of keeping his hands in Britney's cookie jar of cash. Another source told Star, "Kevin's been saying he's already achieved one of his goals - to become a cultural icon." God help us all.
Source: Star Magazine


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