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Oh goodie! Another Hollywood actress is engaged. Will it last? Brittany Murphy and her boyfriend Joe Macaluso got engaged over Christmas. Good Lord, what on earth does that girl do to get these boys passing out diamonds to her? Aside from dating Ashton Kutcher and Eminem, she was also engaged to that guy who was her manager, "Jeff what's-his-name" and for some reason that did not work out...Now she has this new fellow giving her a rock. Brittany and Joe met in 2004 when he was a production assistant on the set of Little Black Book. Guys, it is starting to look like "production assistant" is the new hot thing to be in Hollywood, as far as snagging those Hollywood women is concerned. In addition to Brittany Murphy's beau, Jessica Alba also started dating that guy named Cash and I think he was a production assistant on the Fantastic 4. Look at Julia Roberts...She fell in love with Danny moodier and he was a camera man. A bit different from production assistant, but you get my point. Anyway, best of luck to Brittany as she has had some difficult times of late. First she was dealing with her mother's battle with cancer, not to mention all those nasty rumors that were floating around saying she was on the smack (which her people vehemently deny) and got down and dirty in a stairwell with some waiter at a party (also denied). Dirty!
Source: PEOPLE


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