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Oh that Michael Jackson. The man, seriously, will never, ever, change. He was spotted visiting a mall in Bahrain on Wednesday all decked out in a black abaya robe traditionally worn by conservative Bahraini women and a veil hiding his face. He was also wearing gloves. Jackson can never forget the gloves. His 3 kids, Prince Michael, Paris Michael Katherine and Prince Michael II, were reportedly each wearing black veils over their faces, but no robes. Jackson always said he had the kids wear veils because he feared they would get kidnapped if people saw their faces. Forget how fucked up they are going to be thinking that as it's normal to walk around wherever you go with a freakin' veil covering your face other than for religious or cultural purposes. You would think after the man moved to Bahrain he would've calm down a little. I thought they treated him like a king there? Ahhh yes....I didn't think about that...treated like a king...more reason for the children to be kidnapped and held for ransom! On a side note, this is really weird because I am convinced now I saw MJ dressed up in Santa Barbara few years back. As you know, that is where MJ lived before he booked it to Bahrain. My mom and I were walking down State Street doing some shopping and suddenly, someone dressed in full Burka gear (and I'm talking completely covered, mesh-like screen over the face and all) rushed by us holding the hand of a young, blonde, American boy (that looked a LOT like Prince Michael and he was NOT wearing a veil). At the time it was just a strange site because of the kid and all...but now, I think the picture above proves I very well may have had a Jackson sighting!
Source: AP


Blogger The Cybrarian said...

Now I ain't no Middle East scholar, but I can't imagine that the muslim world looks fondly upon cross-dressers.

11:02 AM, January 25, 2006  
Blogger Hazim said...

Hazim here. Once Prince Micheal gets to high school, what do they call him? King Micheal? Even if he's the kid being stuffed inside a locker? What if he's still wearing that veil when he goes to college. And married? Maybe when they get married, he'll opt for a white veil so when they say "you may now kiss the bride" noone will knwo who's really who.
MJ's turning out 2 be just as bad a father as his father was to him, but in totally different ways. The kid's gonna die of humiliation. Maybe Angelina Jolie will think of adopting him out of sympathy! hahaha.

8:09 PM, January 25, 2006  
Anonymous linda718 said...

Can you say, years of therapy? No amount of money (or royal appellation) is going to make up for this craziness.

8:30 AM, January 27, 2006  
Anonymous Lisa NYC said...

ok first, HOT HOT HOT John Corbett needs to lose the side burns, but love the long hair. he sounds alot like Tim McGraw, the only other country singer i can stomach, and i am sure its because he is a major hottie as well.
I like all your Brangelina/Jen stuff. But heck, its your blog, if you are over it, you are over it!
And although women who "steal" other women's husbands are despicable sluts and deserve to be hated, I think we go far too easy on the fellas, who are the ones who took the vows and owe their women loyalty, or at very least, to be truthful if their feelings have changed or alienated by some other bimbo. At least Brad TOLD Jen, "look, its over, i am hot for Angie, so, moving on...." and i respect that. He went ahead and divorced her, then knocked up Angelina. Thats not Angie's fault. And whats all the crap about Jen not being TOLD by Brad that Angelina was preggers? HE DOESNT OWE HER A THING. They were DIVORCED already.
Love your blog, sister.

1:20 PM, February 16, 2006  

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