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Seriously, what is wrong with Nicollette Sheridan? She just broke off her engagement from Niklas Soderblom and now she is already hoochie coocheying it again with ex Michael Bolton. The couple dated 10 years ago and yes, love CAN be rekindled after many years apart, but this thing wreaks of something really stinky. Most recently, Bolton and Sheridan were seen vacationing in Maui together (photographers conveniently placed), but what really gave this sham of a publicity stunt away was that one of their first public appearances together was lunch at The Ivy. Give me a break, The Ivy? Really Nicollette, c'mon girl, that is soooo obvious. I am glad that Bolton at least has a nice short haircut now, he looks sooo much better. Well, hopefully the publicity does them both good, they kinda need it.
Ahhh. The early days.
Source: SKY Showbiz


Blogger Jezebel said...

maybe she'll get back together with Leif Garrett next.

9:59 AM, January 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No mullet? Michael, you break my heart! Still, I can't blame him for trying hard to get back in the limelight. As for her, she's just trying to keep up with Eva Longwhoria.

7:13 PM, January 06, 2006  

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