Tabloid Whore!



Aww jeez, here we go again. We will try to be extremely brief on this one because, no matter how you feel about Michael Jackson, this is an obvious crock of shit. According to, a new child molestation lawsuit has been filed against Jackson, this time by a 20 year old man claiming that Jackson molested him from 1987 (when the plaintiff was 2 years old) to 1999. The suit claims the plaintiff "has suffered "severe mental and emotional distress, anguish, anxiety, fear, discomfort, psychological maladjustment, anger and grief..." It continues to say "Jackson committed a battery by giving him "drugs and alcohol, subjecting plaintiff to unnecessary cosmetic surgery procedures, striking plaintiff, burning plaintiff, torturing plaintiff, and beating plaintiff..." and "on or about December 21, 1999, Jackson beat his mother." Ok, first off, I would like to see MJ be able to actually beat up anyone and I would also like to know what unnecessary cosmetic surgery this person was "subjected to." You must admit, it's original. Lastly, and what shows this person is pretty much off their rocker, the plaintiff claims "Jackson and Sony stole the plaintiff's song ideas and lyrics." PUHLEASE. That one is always a dead giveaway for a crackpot. The plaintiff's lawyer is claiming that the man's father knew Jackson before he was even born and that the father used to "book entertainers and psychics for parties at Neverland." Jesus. Just another crap lawsuit filed in America today.


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