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TW sends her apologies for the delay with this week's Dancing With the Stars re-cap. Sometimes, I actually get to leave the house, the laptop and tabloids behind and have a night out in the real world...but when that happens, oh how behind we get! Well, the results show has also aired, so by now you all know that Master P is over and done with. I have to say that as much as I gave him props for stepping up his game, it was time for P to say goodbye. He did a nice job this week, but in my opinion, the best part was not his dancing, but the video from his visit to Ashley's home town. Best P quote from the clip: “You are real Mormon? Nice to meet you my brother!” So long P, you done your peeps in the hood proud.

OK, everyone else on the show was really good, there were no real stinkers of the evening. The couples had to chose between the Pasa Doble or the Fox Trot. Lisa Rinna was on crazy fire doing the Pasa Doble, that girl is fierce! Once again, she tries the more challenging dance of the two and kicks ass (and I swear I’m not just saying that to try and get a discount at her boutique). Tia Carrare did a lovely, elegant job at the Fox Trot, but ended up in the bottom two. George Hamilton did a hilarious rendition of the Pasa Doble, but did more a flashback to his days from “Zorro The Gay Blade,” than actual dancing. Stacey Kiebler was great as usual, I loved her purple dress, not to mention, that bitch still has the best abs on the planet. Oh, and my dear Jerry Rice was smooth as chocolate milk with his Fox Trot and I loved watching the clips of him taking ballet classes. Also, Jerry knows how to rock the suit. Delightful. Alright, so you knew it was coming. How SPECTACULAR was Drew Lachey this week? I mean really, I’m trying not to sound like a 13 year old girl every recap, but c’mon. The guy is Just. So. Good!!! Drew did the Pasa Doble to the music of MJ’s “Thriller” and I gasped when the song started and he did that wild cape spin. The choreography for the dance was the best I have ever seen in both seasons of the show…hello? Who would think to throw in moves from the Thriller video in the middle of the dance? That man is simply, electrifying!!! Just when I thought it couldn’t get more exciting, they showed hunkalicious brother Nick Lachey in the audience again with Drew’s wife Lea. Nick always looks so proud of Drew and his performance every week and I love that he keeps coming to watch his brother. So yes, once again I’m crowning Drew Lachey with the best performance of the week. I’m hoping for a Lachey/Rinna finale, but that Kiebler woman might mess up my plans. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Blogger Hazim said...

Hey. Hazim here...again.hahaha. Sounds like someone wishes Drew wasn't married! hahaha.

6:17 PM, January 28, 2006  

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