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Former teen heartthrob Leif Garrett spent a couple nights in a downtown Los Angeles jail after he was picked up by the popo for failing to pay his subway fare and being under the influence of drugs. Garrett is probably a freakin' wreck because his former teenage love, Desperate Housewives star Nicolette Sheridan recently chose ex-boyfriend Michael Bolton to get back together with and be her *cough!* publicity stunt! *cough!* bitch instead of him. Transit police said Garrett had no train ticket and was under the influence of an unknown drug. He then got his ass thrown in jail because he now violated his probation after being found guilty of cocaine possession last March. He is expected to appear in court today for the probation violation, but as of now, no new charges have been filed against him.
This guy is a stinkin' mess! Can't someone please get him in the Surreal Life house or something so he has some work? I still have not gotten over the VH1 Behind the Music I saw a few years back when they reunited Leif with a former friend who was paralyzed in 1979 after Leif crashed the car they were driving in. Eiyiyi! Talk about uncomfortable moments! When the kid got paralyzed, Leif like totally bailed on him and wouldn't be his friend anymore! Cold! Looking at Leif's life today, you know that TPTB above weren't letting him get away with that one. Aww yeah.
Source: Reuters


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