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Is nothing sacred (or REAL) in reality tv anymore? Ok, so we already know that a lot of the stuff on MTV's Laguna Beach was staged, but never, ever, did I suspect that the love triangle between Stephen, L.C. and Kristin could be (gasp!) faked!! That's right, F-A-K-E-D. Time Magazine did an expose on reality television where they quote an anonymous Laguna Beach story editor who claims that the relationship was born in the editing room:
The problem, says a story editor who asked not to be named, was that the triangle didn't exist. LC and Stephen, he says, were platonic friends, so the producers played Cupid through montage. LC would say things about [Stephen] as a friend, says the editor. "[LC] said, "I just love this guy." All you have to do is cut to a shot of the girl, and suddenly she's jealous and grimacing."
Oh the humanity! When Time Magazine contacted Tony Di Santo, executive producer of Laguna Beach, he said the footage on the show was "enhanced" and adds, "Stephen and LC were friends, but in the raw footage, you could see an attraction." Ok, but did they really hook up or not? Laguna freaks need to know. Grrr Arrgh. I could give a crap if you fake things like Jason being able to form a sentence or even him and L.C. breaking up, but when you mess with a good love triangle, that's when I've got a problem. Aww shucks. I felt so bad for L.C. and to think, every time I did a Laguna Beach wrap up and called Kristin a bitch or made sarcastic comments about her, poor darling probably didn't even deserve it. Hee hee. Ooops!
Source: Reality Blurred


Blogger Christian Johnson said...

As an editor friend of mine says, "We take the truth into a back room, strap it to a dentist's chair and get hard to work."

2:32 PM, February 01, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It wasn't fake. I live in Laguna and used to work with LC. The affair had stopped before the filming started so they (Mtv) had to recreate it for the cameras

12:35 PM, February 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love Laguna , kristen is so pretty well all the girls are pretty and Talan is so damn fine! i would date him any time.
now about this hole fake thing i dont know if it is true but i hope it isn't coz i love seeing all the girls yell at each other and have a cat fight ... its a better show when there is bitching , and if its fake i dont think i would really injoy it as much as i do. i love LB heaps and i wish i was there. can you find out for me if it is true coz i am dieing to know now ???? from hannah

5:46 AM, July 11, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i personally think that most of it is true..but oviously not all of it and that it was written to just make the show better..Kristin rocks and Stephen is so hott!!

9:15 PM, January 24, 2007  

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