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We here at Tabloid Whore! feared the worse regarding the death of actor Chris Penn and the possibility that he might have fallen victim to The Drugs. Today Page Six is saying that Penn's friends are raising eyebrows and privately suspect that it was indeed The Drugs and not being overweight that caused Penn to meet his maker at such a young age. "Chris fought a battle with drugs his whole life, and it had gotten bad again," a Penn friend told the newspaper. Sources also told Page Six that Penn had been hanging with the trannies at the club The Spotlight in Los Angeles of late, "He became friends with a transvestite named 'Bobby,' but they had a falling out [several months ago]." Gee, I doubt "hanging with a transvestite named Bobby" had anything to do with Penn's death, but I love how Page Six just threw that in there for good measure as if to say, "evil! evil! trannies!" Please. Final toxicology reports on his death have yet to be released.
Source: Page Six


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