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California Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger and his 12 year old son were injured today in a motorcycle accident. Arnold was driving his Harley around his neighborhood with his son in the motorcycle's sidecar. Someone was backing out of their driveway when the car and motorcycle collided. Luckily the motorcyle was traveling at a slow speed and both Arnold and his son were wearing helmets at the time. Arnold had to get 15 stitches on his lip and his son was treated for cuts and bruises. The driver of the car was not injured. They have both been released from the hospital and are now home. Ei, ei, ei! Can you imagine how bad it is to 1) get in a car accident with a motorcycle? 2) find out the person on the motorcyle was Arnold Schwarzenegger? 3) after you realize it's Arnold Schwarzenegger, it hits you that you just collided with the Governor of your State? Yikes. Glad to hear they are both doing alright.
Source: AP


Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha!!! good for him!

8:49 AM, January 11, 2006  

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