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Oh Lord, Eminem is back together with his ex-wife Kim and is saying they will most likely re-marry. I really hope that girl has cleaned up her act from The Drugs for good because when I read this news in Star Magazine this past weekend I was like, "what is he thinking??!" In the past, Kim has attempted suicide, been in and out of rehab and jail over the past several years for cocaine, has a daughter with Eminem and a new child with some other baby daddy. Best yet, back in 2004, she was kicked out of court ordered rehab because she was caught blowing an 18 year old drug addict. Ahhhghghgh! Beautiful! These two have been together off and on since they were teenagers. Even though Eminem wrote several songs about wishing Kim was dead, through all the strife, they can't seem to stay apart. They hate each other and they lovvves each other. These two are such a complete trainwreck, but I think that they completely belong together. Although, I will never forgive her for abusing lip-liner the way she did. The horror!
Source: AP


Anonymous jpfl said...

oh the lip liner comment just killed me....i'm still laughing.

12:57 PM, December 07, 2005  
Blogger The Cybrarian said...

You'd think when someone got a "Rot in Pieces" tattoo with your name on it, that'd be a dealbreaker. And yeah that lipliner is unforgivable, as my great-grandma would say, "her mouth looks like the last part of the chicken to go over the fence."

2:23 PM, December 07, 2005  

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